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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Flower Granny Scarves

I made a purple pansy Flower Granny Stripe Scarf:

 granny stripes

and a Strawberries 'n Cream Flower Granny Stripe Scarf:

granny stripe

and aqua & peach flower granny stripe scarves:

granny stripes

...... while trying NOT to fidget in front of the screen.

I fidget.      I am a fidgeter!   In fact my fidgeting is legendary (the reason my gran taught me to crochet in the first place)!

Before we settle down to watch movies or series I get a lecture from the rest of the family  "have you made yourself a pot of tea?  Do you have your box of tissues?  (sad movies ALWAYS make me cry!), do you have everything else you are going to need right next to your lazy boy?   Oh and PLEASE mom can you actually watch the movie this time!?"

Tricky! Tricky!

How on earth do you decide in ADVANCE what you are going to do for the next ninety minutes while sitting still on your butt and actually watching the movie.

I  made a whole bag full of long granny strips over the past few weeks while WATCHING movies with the family.

I thought I might join them together to make a blanket - but they are a rather odd collection of colours and lengths.

I love adding flowers to just about everything - so I set about turning my granny strips into lovely flower scarves:

granny stripes

Pink and cerise - 14 rows of each colour.      With a join as you go granny at each end.

granny stripes

For the side borders:    a row of peach, two rows of cream, and then 1 row of hdc in pink and cerise.     Finished off with some twisty tassles (with a hint of lime green thrown in for a bit of zing!!

granny stripes

Add a cream pansy, a cerise 6 petal flower and a peach 6 petal flower (my patterns), and some lime green leaves.

granny stripes


granny stripes

White granny strip.  For the side borders crochet a row of granny clusters in each of aqua, turquoise, crocus (lilac).  Added two join as you go grannies at each end - one in crocus and purple;   one in aqua and turquoise.

granny stripes

To finish a row of shells on each side in Purple

granny stripes

a few flowers in turqoise and purple, and some lovely long floaty tassels in a mixture of all the colours!

granny stripes

Made the peach granny strip into a cowl (had to unpick a row and then join as you go to the other end).   Edged with a simple picot shell in aqua.     I made a flower brooch - so it can be worn with or without the flowers!

Love Love Love all those pretty colours:

granny stripe scarf

To finish my VERY long (very boring post) some more flowery loveliness:

summer flowers

A mixed arrangement picked from my garden;   some of my stunning geraniums;     and a few late bloomers spotted in a remote corner of the garden (there are some pink ones too that have not opened yet!)

Wishing you all a wonderfully colourful day!!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Rainbow Candy Diagonal Granny Stripe

I had been planning to make my niece a "groovyghan" for Christmas.    Luckily I remembered that eleven year olds are VERY particular little people, and decided that I should rather discuss the project with her before plunging in.

A good thing too!

She wanted stripes - no blocks.   Very particular stripes in fact - "they must not be fat, also not dizzy stripes" (thin stripes).   No frills or flowers.  I had also planned to make it for her bed - she wanted a square blanket to snuggle under while watching DVD's.  Alrighty then! - as I said - good thing I asked!

We added a couple of colours to those I had already selected and I got started on the project HERE early in October. 

granny stripe

I used the Diagonal Granny Stripe - a firm favourite of mine.    You can find a how to in my Diagonal Granny Stripe Infinity Scarf post

This Diagonal Granny Stripe had to be square - this means to you keep on increasing on both sides until the outer edges of the triangle measure the length and width you wish your finished project to be.   Then decrease on both sides until your last cluster.

granny stripe

I used candy pink, fuschia, peach, red, lemon, lime, mint, jade, aqua, turquoise, blue, denim, lilac and purple for my colour stripes:

granny stripe

On the increase half I used white to separate the colour bands.   A few rows before I started decreasing I introduced grey between the colour bands.     

granny stripe

Once I started decreasing I began using grey as the separator colour and phased out the white over the first few rows.  

For the border I did a double row of shells:

granny stripe

I crocheted a two tone border - white on the white diagonal (2 sides) and grey on the grey diagonal (2 sides):

granny stripe

We had fantastic weather on Friday.     Hot as ...., but beautiful clear blue skies.    Perfect weather for a  bit of photo fun.  

Bundled the blankie onto one of our shaded walkways:

granny stripe

 Posed it on the stairs leading up to my rose garden:

granny stripe

Rolled up under the Lapa's thatch:

granny stripe

Hanging it from the beams:

granny stripe

Folding it in different ways:

granny stripe

Posing it here and there:

granny stripe

By then I was rather hot and bothered.    Took a lovely swim and poured myself some homemade ginger beer with lots of ice and lemon slices.   Sat myself down poolside to contemplate my Christmas List (one down - way to many to go!!)

Didn't get much done yesterday - "meltingly" hot again = hanging out with hubby and my youngest (who turned 21 recently!!!) - swimming, sipping iced tea and ginger beer, nibbling on finger food, and watching movies in the lovely cool family room (until four in the morning!).     Such a relaxing, perfect day!

Going to make brunch in a few minutes and after that I suppose I should go back to contemplating that Christmas List!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Granny Square Bag

I have been super busy the past few days - gardening, making baby blankets and crochet bags for my WIP's.

We have had so much rain - and there is nothing like rainwater to get everything growing at an amazing rate!

The growth along some of the pathways had to be trimmed.     Jasmine and ivy had to be tamed.  The lavender garden had also grown a bit wild and needed some serious tidying up.  About half of the rose bushes got a light pruning after the first flush faded and there was plenty of deadheading to be done on the gerberas and different varieties of daisies.

My cycads are unbelievable!   One of them has almost forty new leaves - WOW!

LOVE the rain!!

Was a bit stressed out this afternoon - it started to hail,  a few fairly big hailstones - luckily a bit of a storm in a teacup and it passed over before it could do any damage.

I mentioned in my previous POST that I had made a stack of small granny squares.    I made three baby blankets (more about this next time) and still had 14 squares to spare.    I tried them this way and that but they just did not look like they wanted to be a baby blanket.    I spotted a crochet bag made from granny squares on Pinterest (13 squares needed) - oh perfect!   I just knew this was what they were meant to be:

crochet granny bag

The "funny bird" which I appliqued on is something I have been working on for my cards - but the bag was just begging for something fun:

granny crochet bag

The bag is perfect for toting a WIP around:

crochet granny bag

I love it to bits - definitely going to be making a few more of these!

crochet granny bag

Still had a bit of the knotted together scraps left, so I made another "floppy" bag:

Crochet Bag

The bottom is dark grey with a bit of teal, then white, turquoise, a teeny bit of dark purple, lilac and then white.

crochet bag

I made this one quite a bit smaller than the last two FLOPPY BAGS

crochet bag

Embellished it with the last of my scrappy flowers and leaves, once again using small buttons for the flower centres:

crochet bag

All four project bags are filled with my current WIP's - neat and tidy, and ready to go at a moment's notice!

Still awake at this late hour as I was catching up on Series (I like to save them until I have quite a few episodes and then watch them back to back - while blogging, crocheting and munching on crisps) - one of the advantages of having grown up children and no boss to report to in the morning!!

One final cuppa for Mr Owl and myself and we can call it a day!

Good night all!