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Wednesday 21 November 2018

Project Yarn De-Stash Part 1

Baby Blankets

The past few months have been very unproductive for me.   Projects have been started and then discarded.   Yarns have been rolled or wound up with the intention of starting projects, and then just been abandoned to a basket somewhere in my craft room.

At the beginning of October I decided to sort through these (many, many) baskets and start working my way through the yarns.    The goal was to just make something!   Anything!!  The yarn just HAD to be used!

I started off with a basket full of Elle Family DK,  Elle Pullskein and Lollipop DK (about 22 x 100g) and decided to use that for granny square baby blankets.
granny baby blanket
I succeeded in making four 75cm x 75cm, and one 65cm x 65cm blanket in six days.   Amazing what little gems were hidden in those baskets!

Next up was a basket with a few cones of 4ply intended for blankets and clothes for grandbaby, which turned out to be too thin for me to comfortably work with.    There was a pretty pink variegated cone and two shades of solid pink, which were wound together to form an 8ply strand.    I added in some Pullskein in the colour "Snowmoon" left over from the granny square blankets to make a striped rectangular v-stitch baby blanket with a frilly border.
crochet baby blanket
The 4ply was purchased before I knew whether grandbaby was going to be a boy or girl and so I bought pink and blue.    The blues have been double stranded and there is enough to make a smallish C2C baby blanket and a SWIRLING SHELLS BABY SHAWL

Halfway through these WIPs I was inspired by some colourful Lollipop Chunky and made a pinks, apricot, watermelon and brown rectangular striped blanket
crochet stripe baby blanket
and a blues and greens granny square blanket
granny square baby blanket
I am quite over the moon with the number of completed projects.    In my next post I will share photos of all the "project de-stash" scarves and shawls made.

What are your de-stashing tricks and tips?    How do you conquer a creative slump??   I would love to hear your thoughts on this!!