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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sunshine and Happiness

My son moved to Cape Town in March this year - 1399.6km as the Boeing flies.

Cape Town has really wet and windy winters so I thought I would make him an extra "warmie" for his bed or to keep him warm while watching telly or working on his computer.

In the evenings while he still lived at home he and I would make dinner together.   We would crank up the stereo up and listen to all sorts of good tunes (choonz - as we pronounce it here in SA).      One of our favourite "karaoke" songs was Rod Stewart's "Forever Young"

So this blanket is called "Sunshine and Happiness" (to surround you while you are far from home)!

owl crochet blanket

I make heaps of odd granny squares during LOADSHEDDING and then join them together when we have power again.

For this blanket I made 48 squares - worked around 12 with "Bright Yellow";   12 with "Banana" and 24 with "Red".     I then joined them using the VISIBLE JOIN.

crochet owl blanket

I then worked two rows of dc around each 4 x square block - "Dark Brown" around the yellow blocks and "Chocolate" around the red blocks.

The centre HAD to be special - a variation of my POPCORN OWL

crochet owl blanket

The crochet "Sun" and granny hearts were appliqued on, and the eye feathers are "tassels".

I worked a few "patterned" rows around the Owl Square, and then joined the completed 4 x square blocks to the centre block.

crochet owl blanket

I did not add a border; just a sweet little pompom edging - the same edging used for my POPCORN OWL CUSHION

crochet owl blanket

Now all that remains is for me to box it up (with some other home treats) and have it couriered to my son!


  1. Es Hermosa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Felicitaciones!!

  2. I am in love with this so cute. I enjoy your creativity. Thank you for sharing
    Sidney, UT, USA

  3. Adorable! I love all the bright colors.

  4. That owl in the centre is adorable, and your trademark I guess! Lovely blanket, I just read the other post too, hope you don't get too much load shedding - although sometimes it would be good to switch off the TV and computer and just quietly crochet....

  5. Wow your blanket is so pretty and colorful and I love the owl in the middle!

  6. Your blanket is soo beautiful, it's really something very special! =)

  7. Oh that is one mighty fine blanket, you're so clever.
    Cheers, Anita.

  8. So fun and colourful, he will love it.

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    Julie xo

  10. Such a fun, colorful blanket! The owl is cute!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party