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Monday 1 September 2014

The Road Trip Scarf: Getting Started

A few crocheters seem to be having a bit of difficulty with the triangle concept for the ROAD TRIP SCARF – so this version is written with more detailed explanations on how to start, getting from row to row, and some useful notes, etc, so that EVERYBODY on the planet can have a Road Trip Scarf!!!

The pattern as written (over 34 rows) is designed to be worked in a 100% acrylic variegated yarn (100g / 300m) in DK (8ply /light worsted weight).   However, the stitch composition is very uncomplicated - making the pattern suitable for both variegated and solid colour yarns!

Various yarn blends also work well with this pattern – 100% merino (wool), acrylic/wool blends and “soft” cottons.

Thinner yarns may be used – just keep repeating the pattern row (Row 3) until you reach the required size.     Always make sure you end on an even number of rows before starting your edging!

Thicker yarns may also be used, although I would not recommend using anything heavier than Aran (10ply / worsted weight), unless you are going to make the scarf substantially bigger.

The scarf is worked seamlessly (in one piece) as a single triangle from the top to the bottom - your first row being the top of the shawl which will lie at the base of your throat, and the last row which will drape over your chest.


Right Side / Wrong Side:     We will talk about every odd row as the right side (eg, rows 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 etc are the right side);    and every even row as the wrong side (eg, rows 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc)

Side Increases are made at the beginning AND end of every row.   The increase of 2dc at the beginning of a row is made into the 1ch space at the end of the previous row.    The increase of 2dc at the end of the row is made into the 4ch loop which is formed at the start of the previous row (you will note that at the beginning of a row I say that the 4ch counts as 1dc, 1ch, so this  is not "seen" as a 4ch loop when working the next row but as a 1ch space and then 1dc at the very end of the row - when writing the pattern I will NOT say to crochet into the 4ch loop at the end of the row - I DO say to crochet into the 1ch space at the end of the row   

The Point (or corner) is formed in your very first row (2dc, 3ch, 2dc).     Throughout the shawl you will work 1dc, 3ch, 1dc into the 3ch space from the previous row.

If your increases are correct you WILL have a perfect triangle.    If the triangle pulls outward - you are increasing too much.   If the triangle pulls inward (like a kite) you are increasing too little.

Stitches:   We are using two basic stitches only for the scarf - chain (ch) and double crochet (dc) (US terms);      UK CROCHETERS will be using a treble and not a double crochet.

Rows 4 - 32:  Repeat Row 3
(this means that you repeat the pattern row you have crocheted in Row 3 - i.e. just continue to follow the pattern in the highlighted area for the next 28 Rows)


SIZE:  106cm Wide;   48cm long

Foundation:   6ch
Row 1:     Into first chain (the 6th chain from your hook) [crochet 2dc, 3ch, 2dc ( this forms the point of your shawl);  now also crochet 1ch, 1dc into the same place]

road trip scarf

road trip scarf

(turn your work so that you are now working along the "wrong side")

road trip scarf

Row 2:
Working up the right side of the triangle 4ch (counts as 1dc, 1ch); 2dc into 1ch sp,  1ch;

skip 1dc, 1dc into next dc, 1ch;

1dc, 3ch, 1dc into 3ch sp (point), 

Working down the left side of the triangle 1ch; 1dc into next dc, 

1ch, skip 1dc; 2dc, 1ch, 1dc into space at the end of the row;   

(turn your work so that you are now working along the "right side")

Row 3:  Working up the right hand side of the the triangle 4ch (counts as 1dc, 1ch);   2dc into 1ch sp, 1ch;   skip 1dc;   (1dc into next dc, 1ch) repeat to point (this means that you crochet one dc into each dc from the previous row with a 1ch sp in between each dc) 

Into the three chain space which forms the point crochet (1dc, 3ch, 1dc);

Working down the left hand side of the triangle (1ch, 1dc into next dc)  

repeat to 2nd last dc,

skip last dc, 1ch 2dc, ch,1dc into space at the end of the row

Rows 4 - 32:  Repeat Row 3
(this means that you repeat the pattern row you have crocheted in Row 3 - i.e. just continue to follow the pattern in the highlighted area for the next 29 Rows

I am busy working on a detailed tutorial for the EDGING as well - there is, however a video in the original blog post showing how to do the second row. 

I have also posted the video on my Zooty Owl Facebook page - for those whose browsers cannot load the video from the blog post!

The print friendly version of the pattern can be found HERE


In 2014 when I created my Road Trip scarf I had no idea that it would be so ridiculously popular. I had a lot of requests for a longer scarf along similar lines. I finally got around to it - the result is a long “baktus style” scarf with two possible edgings. Either a frilly edge for a whimsical look or a zig-zag bobble edging. (The original Road Trip Scarf edging and trims would also work well with this design) 

The Day Trip Scarf differs from the Road Trip Scarf in that it increases steadily in length and gradually in width, whereas the Road Trip Scarf increases evenly in length and width. 

The pattern for the Day Trip Scarf is available in my RAVELRY STORE


  1. Thank you so much for sharing x

  2. Brilliant - thank you for the clarity - I am looking forward to the base edging video now! I have made one already but I had to make up the base edging! I love the pattern though and am on my second now.

  3. Great tutorial!

    Man, I really think I need to make one of theses scarves soooooon! I always drool when I see pictures of finished ones on Facebook or on blogs! Good thing autuum is arriving in huge steps...

    Take care

  4. Thank you so much for posting this pattern. I have to admit that initially I read the pattern incorrectly and was a bit confused, but after resting the old brain for a while then reading it carefully, it clicked with me and now I am on my 4th one - I LOVE THEM!! I also love all the lovely bright colours you use in your projects, its so cheerful. Thank you for all the patterns and tutorials, they have really helped me and increased my love for the craft x

  5. Thank you for this! On my first one, I actually had the increases wrong - I did an extra chain 1 between the two dc at the ends - but it turned out having a nice subtle batwing curve and I kind of like it that way, I haven't added the border/edging yet so I may have to fiddle with that, too - I'll be sure to post a picture on your FB page when I do!

  6. Thank you for this tutorial, I had started over about 5 times. Now I on the right track!! :)

  7. i did read the pattern right! just looked so wrong until i saw the tutorial.
    thanks especially for using different colours

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  10. Well, now I have my Christmas present ideas and this is what they will all get now. Many thanks for posting this I have been wanting to start a RTS for ages now. Pammy x

  11. This is one of my all-time favorites...thanks so much for going the "extra mile" and making a super understandable tutorial. You're the best!

  12. Thanks for the clarification on this page - it helped a lot! The pattern is quite easy once you get the hang of it, and I love how quickly this crochets up. It's a beautiful scarf! I see myself making a bunch in different colors.

    Thank you for a great pattern!


  13. WOW! Thank you SO MUCH for your great photos and help. It took me a couple tries but all of a sudden I caught on thank to your very clear instructions! Having fun with it now!

  14. OMG! This is so simple and beautiful. Very good instructions.
    Caught onto this right away. The visuals are perfect. Was looking for something to do with the Mandala yarn that I purchased, this project was so perfect for it. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity.

  15. Hi Thank you for you great pattern and inspiration, have made my first one and will certainly be making more for christmas. thank you for sharing and you have a great blog.

  16. I’m a beginner and this will be my first project. Can you tell me how much yarn I will need?

    1. Hi! 100g of DK (300m) is enough to make the scarf and the trims. Please let me know if you need any more help

  17. Hi and thanks for such a lovely pattern. I took the opportunity to use up some of my wool - I always seem to have a ball left over whatever I make! This being the case, I'm making a sort of irregular, stripey scarf in shades of purple and turquoise. I therefore have joins along the long edge (hypotenuse?) every 2-4 rows. Have you any suggestions as to how I can finish off this edge and make it neat? I've left about 6ins of each colour on the joins. Many thanks.

  18. Hi! You could switch to a smaller hook and work an edging row of mini shells down the long edge. Starting at the 1 end 2ch, 1dc around dc post, *sl st around next dc post, 2ch, 1dc around next dc post* repeat along edge to next corner.