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Friday, 9 October 2015

Zooty Owl Cushion CAL (2)

Happy Friday and Hello to all the lovely crocheters who are hooking along with me on this CAL!

This CAL ended November 2015.   The pattern is available in my Ravelry Store.
We are going to have some beauties by the time we are done, judging from the photos I have received!!

Crochet Owl

Elizabeth Koegelenberg is a very enthusiastic crochet-a-long(er) and is making no less than four cushions at the same time!  

crochet owl 

A lot of people say they "hate" doing their cushion backs as they just want to finish their project once the front is done.   So I thought we would get most of the cushion back squared away before we started with the fun bits!

The back is made from two double crochet stripe sections.   

My stripe composition is 5 rows and 6 colours:

Section 1:  Beige;  Apricot;  Coral;  Dark Red;  Blue;  Light Blue.
Section 2:  Apricot;  Beige;  Light Blue.

Feel free to play around with the your stripe composition for the cushion back, or even use a solid colour!

Remember to post your progress shots on my Zooty Owl Facebook page so that I can include them in next week's post!

Have fun crocheting your cushion backs and please join me next week for Part 3:   Owl Features and Embellishments (the FUN part!!!!)


  1. Please leave a comment! Your feedback is important to me!

  2. Hi! I was just wondering... Is the back supposed to be quite a bit wider than the front part we made last week? Thank you for a wonderful pattern so far :)

    1. Hi! Yes it is a bit wider. We will still be crocheting a wide border around the front panel.

    2. Thank you :) I was getting a bit worried that I had done something wrong :)