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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Zooty Owl Cushion CAL (4)

Hello and welcome to all my lovely Crochet-a-Long friends.

This CAL ended November 2015.   The pattern is available in my Ravelry Store.

Friday I was happily working away on the catch-up post, when my thought train was disrupted by a raucous coming from the bottom of our garden.    Hubby and I went to investigate and there was a crew of workmen up in the big trees on the property behind ours.      They were cutting down the trees with electric saws.  Nobody had asked us to switch our electric fencing off (mistake number 1), so hubby quickly switched it off.    Just as well!!!    He had hardly turned it off when one of the workmen lost his footing and fell from the top of the tree (easily 4 to 5 metres off the ground).   He fell backwards into our garden, taking down the electric fencing and a gutter from one of our storerooms, before landing on the paving.       He cut himself to smithereens on the way down too.     We thought for sure he would need medical attention!     Would you believe?    He got up, asked for a ladder and climbed back into the tree, bleeding as he went!

Hubby and I were in a bit of shock after seeing this, and I had completely lost my ability to formulate a paragraph!    On top of all this our entire back electric fencing was ripped down and we had to make arrangements to have it fixed urgently.

Anyway the fencing was fixed and I managed to finish and post my catch up post.     By then I was so worn out I had to get some sleep.     I planned to get up early yesterday morning to quickly finish the post for Part (4).    The universe was having none of that!!!!     I had barely started editing when suddenly we had no power (LOADSHEDDING I thought).    It was not loadshedding!    One of the electricity poles had completely toppled over pulling the electrical wires with it.   We were without power the entire day (until about 18h30 last night).    A new pole had been installed and the wires repaired!

owl cushion


Keep sharing your photos on my Zooty Owl Facebook page so that I can include them in the Gallery!

Please join me again on Friday, for the joining and finishing of the cushion!   (Hopefully this will be a less "exciting" week). 


  1. Please leave a comment - your feedback is important to me!

  2. So sorry for your bad day, glad you are back online!! Cant wait to get started. I have many projects going so I was patiently waiting

  3. This pillow is soooooooo cute I just have to make it <3 Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. I haven't had the opportunity yet to take pics of this week's work... It's very dark and autumnlike here these days and by the time I get home from work the light is really bad. However I just had to tell you how in love I am with the border of the pillowfront <3 Oh my word.... it completely transformed the whole thing :)