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Monday, 12 December 2016

The Edge of Madness

I have been working as if my life depends on it to finish up orders and gifts and donations, as well as trying to prepare for 2017 and complete a few patterns that were partially written. 

Zooty Owl

My big table has been at the centre of all the action, with projects in various stages of completion around three sides, completed and packaged projects on the fourth side, and all the leftover yarn and packaging dumped in a heap in the middle!.  Last Sunday I wrapped the last of the work which I had to get out, and I could breathe easy again.

My craft room was, of course, a complete disaster so I spent a few hours tidying up - rolling up ribbons, packing away unused gift bags, tags and sorting yarn leftovers.  I "MAGIC" knotted left over bits of yarns to make my own "variegated" yarns, which were used to hook up a few Day Trip and Road Trip scarves and shawls.

zooty owl

The DAY TRIP SCARF differs from the Road Trip Scarf in that it increases steadily in length and gradually in width, whereas the Road Trip Scarf increases evenly in length and width.  In this photo you can clearly see the difference between the two scarves.   Both are 1.5 metres in length, but the RTS becomes a shawl, whereas the DTS remains a scarf.

Road Trip Scarf

I have come up with a sweet little edging that can be used in many different ways with both the ROAD TRIP, and DAY TRIP SCARVES

The edging is a repeat of a "shell" followed by a "loop" along the shaped edges of both scarves, with a simple chain loop worked along the straight edges.  

This plain and simple edging is the perfect finishing touch for a "toned down" look.

Road Trip Scarf

A scarf or a shawl with a generous fringe always adds a bit of fun to a winter outfit, but sometimes working directly onto the scarf base looks untidy.   This edging neatens up the scarf base and the fringe can be attached around the loops for a very neat finish.

Road Trip Scarf


PATTERN NOTES:   This edging is suitable for both the Day Trip and Road Trip Scarves.   The edgings vary slightly for each scarf so just make sure you are using the correct one

The "loop" is in its "simplest form" in the written pattern, but it can be changed in many ways for a different look:

Instead of 3ch, crochet 1ch, 1 picot, 1ch 

Road Trip Scarf

Crochet 15ch (or more) for a crochet fringe effect......

Thread beads onto your yarn before you start working and add a bead to the loop as you go....

The possibilities are endless - just have fun!!

RoaD Trip Scarf

Pattern available in my RAVELRY STORE
(Refer to the notes of the purchased pattern for stitch references). 

Working from the starting point (Row 1) along the increase edge of the scarf, join yarn around 1st Sp.  
3ch (counts as 1dc), 3dc around same Sp as join; 1sc around next Sp, 3ch;

(1sc around next SP; 4dc around next SP; 1sc around next SP, 3ch) repeat up the increase side and down the decrease side, until your final row;
(Notethe stitch sequence remains the same over the apex)

1sc around final Sp on decrease side, 
4dc, 1sc; around Sp on the straight (unshaped) side;

(2ch; 1sc around next Sp) repeat up to and including the Sp of Row 1;  3ch, 1sc around same Sp; sl st into 3rd of start ch to close.


Make sure that you end on an EVEN number row.    Stitches are worked into 1ch spaces between dc's along the shaped sides, and around the side of the stitch post at the end of each row on the straight side.   At the point the stitches will be worked into the 3ch sp.

Join yarn in 4ch at start of your last row.   4ch (counts as 1sc, 3ch);  skip 2dc; 1sc into next 1ch sp;

(4dc into next 1ch sp; 1sc into next 1ch sp; 3ch, 1sc into next 1ch sp) repeat up to and including 1ch sp before point.  

[(3dc, 3ch, 3dc) into 3ch point]; 1sc into next 1ch sp;

(3ch, 1sc into next 1ch sp; 4dc into next 1ch sp; 1sc into next 1ch sp) repeat to 1ch sp before your final row increase;  

3ch, skip 2dc, 1sc into final 1ch sp; 2ch

working along the straight (unshaped) side, (1sc into side post of next stitch, 2ch) repeat until you are back at the start of the edging.   Sl st into 1st of start 4ch to close.

Road Trip Scarf

Add your FRINGE around the 3ch loops!