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Friday, 17 February 2017

In a Perfect World

In my perfect world: -

Everybody has a roof over their heads and enough to eat;
Nobody is sad or angry;
There is no hatred and no greed;
Babies are born to caring, loving parents (and have at least one crochet / knitted blanket)
Children are safe and happy...

basically, everything is rainbows and cupcakes!

Unfortunately, in the sad state of chaos our world is in, people are sleeping on the streets, there is sadness and anger and violence.    The greedy exploit the needy.   Babies are born into abject poverty.   Children are robbed of their innocence.

Can I change the world???

I try to be the change I want to see in the world.

Over the past few years I have been making "MAGIC BLANKETS" for charity.   This is a great stash / scrapbuster.     Because I use double strands of DK with a 8.00mm hook, they hook up in a jiffy! 

My friend Kim Ryan from Australia has made many gorgeous Magic Blankets to be donated (I just love the little appliques she adds to each blanket - making it even more special!)

The past few weeks have been hot, humid and hectic!    The three H's that make hooking anything complicated quite impossible!

I "magic knotted"  shortish lengths of leftover yarn to make some "magic" OH SO EASY WASHCLOTHS.

I gave a few of my friends  two "samples" each to test - to see how the knot held up with constant use - either as a cloth for bathing or showering OR as a cleaning cloth.    The friends all enjoyed using them and after two weeks of regular use the cloths were still looking good.

I made the remainder of the cloths up as little gifts which could be put into the packs for new mommies at the provincial hospital.   Cut a piece of scrapbook paper into 4.5cm x 24cm strips.   Add a label and a FORK BOW and voila!


I washed the cloths, before adding the labels and bows - so I put each one into a little cellophane bag to keep it neat and clean.


I would love to see your charity makes - please share your photos on my ZOOTY OWL FACEBOOK PAGE


  1. Still trying to get rid of the pesky "No Comments" sign - I do value your input so please do leave me a comment!

  2. Thank you for such lovely designs and ideas. I've made several of your Road Trip scarves an d 2 circle in a square blankets

    I too make stuff for charity and so far I give it to the Red Cross shop in town in the hope that the money they get for things will find its way towards helping those who need it. Just finished a scrappy quilt which I shall take down on Monday. Also a load of cloth bags that seem to sell well as we phase out plastic carrier bags.
    Love your blog but I just don't know how all you talented artists find the time to blog as well as create.

  3. Thank you Zelna.

    When I first saw your magic blanket I thought what a great way to use my stash ( much to the joy of my hubby) and to do some good. A couple of my friends have seen what I am doing so donated their stash to me. Instead of my stash becoming smaller I have had to purchase 2x80 litre tubs to house the extra wool. Hubby just shakes his head. All for a good cause!!

  4. Prachtige creaties in schitterende kleuren! Veel van mijn creaties geef ik gewoon weg.

    Fijn weekend, groetjes Tinne