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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Granny Jeanie Scarves

Long, extremely hot summers are pretty much a given if you live in South Africa.

Up in Johannesburg, the air is usually very dry and most days you can hear your skin being slowly baked to a crisp!   I have a very sensitive skin which dries out quickly, so I go through quite a few  tubs of body butter each month!

Hubby and I would often fly (occasionally drive) down to the Coast.  A short stay at one of the beautiful resorts dotted along our coast was just the ticket to rehydrate our crispy Johannesburg skins.   It was on these little trips that we began planning and plotting a move to the coast.

Fast forward.......... We have now been living on the Hibiscus Coast for a little over 13 months.    It has been horrendously hot for all but 4 of those 13 months.    Add to that the high humidity and instead of being baked (like in Johannesburg) we are being boiled!   Neither hubby nor I thought that the humidity would be more depleting than the dry heat.   Small mercy is that May, June, July and August, bring much milder weather in which a lot of crocheting can be done!!

We received 1 ball of each of the 4 shades (Dixie, Memphis, Delta and Texas) of the new JEANIE DENIM LOOK yarn in our Spring Blogstar Meet Up goodie bags.    I had planned on  making a beaded wrap incorporating all four colours, but it was way too hot for such a big project, and I just could not wait to try out this gorgeous aran weight (10ply),  60% Cotton / 40% Premium Acrylic yarn.

400g of Jeanie was enough to make two GRANNY STRIPE SCARVES.     I love calling them Granny Jeanie Scarves!     I don't know any grannies called "Jeanie" but from the name you would imagine an eccentric, rather hip, yarn obsessed old girl with snow white hair and sparkly eyes!

I made one for me

and one for hubby:

It will probably not get cold enough here at home to wear a scarf - but they will be quite handy when we travel to colder parts.   I love the denim look as it will go with most of my clothes - a bonus when packing a suitcase!


  1. My favorite colors! The yarn looks great.

  2. Thank you so much for this innovative twist on traditional granny squares. In the colorway you made for your husband I was immediately reminded of the phrase "thin blue line" referring to law-enforcement. Our middle son is a police officer so I think the his and hers versions are in the future as Christmas gifts. Thank you so much.