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Thursday 24 May 2018

Swirling Shells Baby Blanket

My great granny was a very clever lady! She had a natural mathematical ability and a near photographic memory. She would see a crocheted item somewhere, fathom the pattern and remember it until she could write it down. I inherited all her crochet paraphernalia when she passed away many many moons ago. Once in a while when I need a bit of inspiration I will go through the box with her crochet notes, which are more like cryptic clues than pattern notes. Obviously granny intended them as a memory prompt and not as an actual chart or pattern. I recently came across a "Circular Baby Shawl" note. I have never been a fan of circular blankets but this looked really promising (what do you think of circular blankets?). It took quite a few attempts to get the increases just right - so that the circle is perfectly flat.

 Once I had it figured out I just knew that Stylecraft Candy Swirl was the perfect yarn for the pattern! I used Strawberry Taffy and I am soo in love with the colours!

I made quite a few of these for baby in different colourways, as this is a delightfully light little shawl perfect over a swaddled newborn!

When I was packing my case (ready to fly up to JHB as soon as we got the call to say baby is on her way) I laid Swirling Shells Shawl out on my big craft table and it hit me that, hooked in Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK, it would make a FAN-tastic tablecloth!      Once you have the hang of the increases you can just keep going and make the shawl (cloth) as big as you like.    The pattern can be found in my RAVELRY STORE