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Friday 8 February 2019

Project Yarn De-Stash Part 2

....... continued

(this post was written way back at the beginning of November already - I have been in a bit of an internet "dead spot" since then and have only recently managed to get a new line sorted out!)

Cosmos Fields

This pattern was written especially for "novice" crocheters and for those wanting a bit of therapeutic, repetitive hooking.   

It was designed specifically for easily accessible (and super to work with) yarns like Elle and Stylecraft Special DK, but works up fantastically in a more luxurious yarn.

Elle Rustica, Family Print DK and Cotton Fleck (5.00mm hook)

For the shawl a minimum of 55 rows are crocheted before starting on the border and for the scarf 39 rows.  

Elle Rustica and Family Print DK (5.00mm hook)

The repeat rows of double crochet are perfect for using up oddments of yarn, and the simplicity of the pattern allows for incorporation of various types of yarn of the same thickness.     

A mixture of Elle Cotton Fleck and Lollipop Melange DK (5.00mm hook)

The turquoise Rustica compliments the Family DK print perfectly in this gift for a very kind and special lady

Elle Rustica, Family DK, Classic Wool DK (5.00mm hook)

Hibiscus Coast Granny

This scarf was designed for the 2017 Stylecraft Blogtour using Stylecraft Batik DK and Stylecraft Batik Elements DK.    

Saprotex Chick (5.00mm hook)

Repeat rows of granny clusters (3dc) make it easy to add different edging designs, although I think the original edging is too pretty for words!.

A little bobble tassel added for a bit of fun

This is also a great pattern for using up small quantities of yarn.    Here I have experimented using two different variegated yarns. 

Elle Escapade, Elle Family Print, Stylecraft Special DK "Lincoln" (5.00mm hook)

I have been working on a set of three quick and easy patterns worked in a DK stripe, one of which is an asymmetrical shawl.

Elle Classic Wool DK, Stylecraft Bellissima DK

The uncomplicated increases and repetitive stripe allow you to go to town with your colours!

Elle Rustica, Classic Wool DK, Pullskein & Lollipop Sparkle (5.00mm hook)