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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

You might like to know: Seaside Winter Blanket CAL 2016

You might like to know............

I used the following Elle (Saprotex) colours while designing the blanket (from inner to outer circle on my "colour wheel")

169 Cherry Red (Family Knit DK) (100g)
046 Apricot (Pullskein) (100g)
148 Sunset (Charity) (100g)
222 Lemon White (Family Knit DK) (200g)
061 Soft Lime (Family Knit DK) (100g)
007 Jade (Family Knit DK) (200g)
239 Peacock (Family Knit DK) (200g)
025 Beige (Family Knit DK) (400g)
058 Saxe Blue (Family Knit DK) (100g)

A "colour wheel" will be provided with each tutorial so that you can match your colours should you wish to use the same colours as me.

A photo tutorial will be provided for each of the square patterns and the border.   The final stitch count may vary from square to square.   It is therefore advisable to use a "forgiving" joining method.  I have once again used my VISIBLE JOIN as this provides a flat, even finish regardless of the final stitch count.

crochet squares

There is a "Print Friendly" button at the top of the right hand side bar -  this enables you to save the document as a PDF file or to remove the images and print an ink-saving hard copy.
Where possible I will provide a link to online tutorials for any "special" stitches used throughout the project.

The squares may be inclined to pull a bit skew or pucker slightly due to the fact that I have used a fair amount of overlay / textured crochet.    A bit of gentle tugging to straighten the square is mostly sufficient, but I recently purchased a blocking station to block the squares before joining.   (For the South African crocheters - I bought the blocking station for R200 online from New Kayo Bazaar.)

blocking crochet squares

The squares will each be named for a place along the KwaZulu Natal, South Coast in keeping with the Seaside Winter theme.

I hope that you will be joining me on Friday to crochet our first square.......... the "UMZUMBE"!!!!

PS:   Please also read through the  INTRODUCTION post.    These two posts contain all the information you will need to prepare for the CAL

Find the first square pattern HERE


  1. Lovely Colors! Looking forward to all the creations that will be made. :)

  2. This looks awesome. thank you

  3. Love the CAL sneak peaks. Will be joining in on this CAL. Just want to know how much of each colour will be required for the whole lapghan. Thank you

    1. Hi - 1500g (15 balls)approximately - I have updated the quantities in this post. So glad that you will be joining!

  4. How many grams is needed for Jade, Peacock & Saxe Blue? TIA

    1. Don't know how I managed to miss this! I have updated the post - 200g each of the Jade and Peacock and 100g of the Saxe Blue. So glad you will be joining in!

  5. How do I sign on to this CAL. And find the 1st pattern.? Thank you