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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Seaside Winter Blanket: Umnini Bonus Square 3

Hello lovely CAL-ers!

The 3rd and final bonus square takes its name from the Umnini Craft Village, a brightly decorated arts and crafts market on either side of the N2 highway about 10km south of Amanzimtoti on the KZN South Coast.   Here crafters from the local community work in open-fronted little wooden kiosks painted in primary colours and decorated with ethnic patterns.  

Having an absolute love of anything "baskety" to store my craft goodies and yarn in, this has been a favourite holiday stop of mine since early childhood (way back then it was just rows of makeshift shacks constructed along the road - but that somehow made it all the more awesome!)

The bonus squares are not part of the CAL layout and therefore do not follow the number sequence of the CAL squares.   They can be used to grow your blanket or swap out with squares that you may not be "in love" with.    Remember the layout is merely a guideline - you can make your blankets up as you wish!

The design for the Umnini square is not new.   I have taken the centre rounds of one of my mandala designs and "squared" them.   Follow the link provided, work up Rounds 1 to 4 and then come back here to complete the square.



Foundation;  Rounds 1 -4 follow Foundation, Rows 1 - 4 of DAHLIA MANDALA PATTERN

Round 5:   Join yarn in any 7ch sp.   [3ch (counts as 1dc), 3dc, 3ch, 4dc into same 7ch sp];  (8sc into next 7ch sp) x2;
[(4dc, 3ch, 4dc into next 7ch sp); (8sc into next 7ch sp) x2] x3.   Sl st into 3rd of start ch to close.  Break off yarn.

Round 6:  Join yarn in any 3ch sp.   [3ch (counts as 1dc), 1dc, 3ch, 2dc into same 3ch sp];  1dc into each of next 5sts; 1hdc into each of next 14sts; 1dc into each of next 5sts;
[(2dc, 3ch, 2dc into next 3ch sp);  1dc into each of next 5sts, 1hdc into each of next 14sts, 1dc into each of next 5sts] x3.   Sl st into 3rd of start ch to close.  Break off yarn.

Crochet BORDER ROUNDS 1 & 2 around square only if you are using it in your Seaside Winter Blanket.

PS:   The official CAL has ended but you can still join in at your leisure.  The links to all the patterns for the CAL can be found in the pinned post of our Seaside Winter Blanket Group

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