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Sunday 29 September 2013

Granny Square Cowl

The few days while recovering from that nasty spider bite were torture for me!!

I had ordered some locally produced yarn to try out - an Aran and an Acrylic / Wool blend - in a mish mash of colours.    When the order arrived my fingers were just itching to get crocheting - but instead I had to be content with paging through magazines and clicking around the internet.

There are soooo many gorgeous granny square cowls, scarves and wraps etc on Pinterest - as soon as the bite started healing I set about crocheting like a crazy lady on a mission to save the world with granny squares!

Made this granny square cowl using Lollipop Vezuvo Aran (400g skeins) - in Violet, Light Grey and Jeans - the yarn is soft and has a very comforting feel to it - works up super fast too!

granny square cowl

Almost makes me wish it was still winter here (no ..... not really!!!) - but one of these is going to be a must for my 2014 winter wardrobe!!

granny square cowl

I made 10 x 5 row identical granny squares, using the join as you go method to connect each new block to the previous block on the last round.   Connect the 10th block to the 9th block on the one end and to the 1st block on the opposite end.   For the border I crocheted 3ch 2dc into any sp between clusters, then *ss into next sp, 3ch, 2dc* repeat up to and including last space, ss into 1st ch on starting shell.

The yarn holds form very nicely - and the finished product drapes very well,

granny square cowl

I crocheted a triple layer flower brooch in a matching "jeansy" shade using an acrylic / wool blend.    The brooch can be worn separately, pinned to the cowl as a decoration or to keep it in place if you wish to drape it over your shoulders.

Have made up a pattern for the brooch - just need to add the photos!!


  1. Hi Zelna
    Your cowl looks scrummy and warm. I was having a sort out of all my cowl, I don't have a granny square one and might just have to make one for this coming winter :o)
    My scarf in my latest post is a very long one of various left over scraps that I just knitted in simple garter stitch. It's the easiest form of knitting and very satisfying when you use up all your scraps of left overs xox Penny

    1. Love Love Love that knitted scarf! I have been obsessing about it all afternoon. I have three odd balls of Stylecraft Life - a light grey, an autumn mixture reddish brown, and a mauve-ish shade - which strangely look great together. I tried using 4mm needles - got it started but realised it is going to take me a week of Sundays - frogged it and I am going to try bigger needles - just hope it does not look sloppy! Will update you with the next episode of my knitting soap opera ..........

  2. Lovely! I especially like the flower.....