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Thursday 8 May 2014

Sunny Flower Coasters: Pattern

Some time ago I made up a little gift for someone special - a mandala and matching coasters.     

crochet mandala

I like to play around with the same basic stitch groupings and designs to see what different effects I can come up with!

The Dahlia centre is an extension of the Sunny Flower which forms the basis of the SUNNY FLOWER MINI MANDALA designed for the Yarndale Yarnbomb! 

I had already written up the pattern for the coasters - but had to wait until after the Yarndale secret was out to publish this!

crochet mandala

Pattern Terms:  US 

Yarn:  Raeesah Cotton Soft DK (100% cotton) 
Hook: 4.00mm 
Size:    11cm (4.5 inches)

Skill Level:  Novice

Foundation:  4ch,  ss into 1st ch to form circle 

Row 1:  3ch (counts as 1dc);  11 dc into circle;  ss into 3rd ch at start to close (12dc) 

Row 2:  Join yarn into any sp between dc,  3ch (counts as 1dc) 1dc in same space as join (2dc grouping);  *2dc into each sp between dc  (2dc grouping)* *to* to end;   ss into top of 3ch at start to close (24dc)

Row 3:  Join yarn in space between any 2dc groups;  3ch (counts as 1st trc),  2trc into next space as follows - work the first and second parts of the stitch leaving last loop on your hook, into next space work the first and second part of 1 trc leaving the last loop on your hook (four loops on hook).   Yarn over hook and draw through all the loops on your hook to form your cluster;  4ch;  (into same space as last trc, work 1st trc of 4trc cluster;  into next space work 2nd & 3rd tr of 4trc cluster;  into next space work the last st of 4trc cluster, 4ch) x 11 (12 x 4trc clusters made);   sl st into top of first cluster to close.   Break off yarn.

Row 4:    Join yarn in 4 ch space between clusters;  3ch (counts as 1dc), 4dc (5dc grouping), 1ch into same space as join;  *5dc (5dc grouping), 1ch into next 4ch space* *to* 11 x (12 x groupings);  ss into top of 3ch at start to close.

Row 5   ss into any dc;  *1ch, 1ss into top of  next dc*  *to* to end 1ch, ss into ss at start of edging.


I have provided row by row photos and explanations for the Sunny Flower Mini Mandala HERE

(Rows 1 - 4 are exactly the same!)


  1. Really adorable ! Thank you for the explains

  2. linked it here !! https://www.facebook.com/jennekevm?ref=hl

    love it