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Monday 16 June 2014

Mom-and-Daugher Crochet Along!

Many, many, many moons ago, when my girls where little, they used to love crocheting with me on winter weekends.

We would decide what we were going to make on a Thursday evening -a bag, a pillow, a scarf - always something quick and easy.   I would stop at Checkers (supermarket) on my way home from the office on Friday evening and  pick up a few balls of yarn in the colours they had chosen.     (Checkers still stocks this yarn today - it is called Chick and is probably the equivalent of the Red Heart Super Saver in price and quality.)

I would make up the patterns as we went, often sharing the pattern with friends whose daughters also liked the crochet-along mom and daughter routine!    (Most of these "patterns" were never more than hurried scribbles on scrap paper)

Anyway, a few days ago I was chatting on Whatsapp to my friend who now lives in Cape Town, and she sent me a photo of herself wearing a scarf.   "Kyk wat kry ek in die stoorkamer" (look what I found in the storeroom) she said!    One of my little patterns she had made with her girls about 16 years ago!   "Ek wil weer so een maak" (I want to make another) she said!   "Kan jy onthou hoe?" (can you remember how?).    Hhmm - vaguely....

Picked up my hook and some variegated and an hour and a half later ......... ta-dah

So much fun!

Made another so that I could write the pattern - of course I had to add a bit of extra flair to this one!!

At less than 100g for an adult scarf (probably about 50g for a little girl's scarf) this is a perfect project to keep little hands busy on cold or rainy afternoons!

The scarf takes very little time to crochet, making it a great "rescue" when you need a gift in a hurry!

Busy tidying the pattern up (my friend in Cape Town is doing a quick test for me) so that I can share it with you in time for next weekend!


  1. Such an amazing idea! Crocheting together �� did you all make it together or each made one for herself?

    1. Each of my girls would choose their own colours, and they would each make an item for themselves. When we used to Fabric Paint I would draw on a big cloth and we would all paint the same cloth together (then my son used to join in!!)

  2. This might be an option for my rainbow skein of Jawoll Magic.:)

    1. The Jawoll Magic is gorgeous yarn! It will work perfectly with this pattern!

  3. I am sure the pattern for this quick little scarf will be a huge success!
    And as so often happens, the coincidence is amazing!! My daughter Stellie is buying some wool this week and she and I are going to work together on your Road Trip Scarf pattern; perfect for a beginner I think, good practice and I will probably do the borders for her! Mom and daughter afternoons are so special! Pat xx

    1. That sounds wonderful!! I love these quick, relaxing projects - and as you say perfect practice for a beginner! Enjoy your time with Stellie!

  4. Fantastic you come up with some great patterns ♥
    And i love visiting ☺

  5. I love the second scarf! Very beautiful colours! I really need to come back to all your scarf patterns when it is fall here i Germany! Right now it is far too warm for scarves. :)
    Take care

  6. Very beautifull, your work is perfect !!