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Thursday 15 January 2015

The Neon Shawl

I crochet very fast and never have a problem finishing something quickly or getting my orders out on time!

This does, however, make me a very, very bad blogger!     Once my hands get going I forget to take photos or write down the pattern.   At this stage there are almost 60 patterns on my to-do list.   

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to work through THOSE old patterns (and ideas) before I allow myself to come up with anything else (not sure how much success I will have there - but I am determined to persist!!!)

The Neon Shawl is something I made in OCTOBER 2013.     It is one of those practical pieces that matches with most of my casual clothing - and it is just perfect to drape around the shoulders while socialising outside at night!  

The Neon effect is achieved by alternating colour stripes between dark grey and black stripes.     Very simple!      You can use any DK acrylic!    The colours do not need to be an exact match, and you will find that most brands stock colours similar to the ones I used.

The pattern is exactly the same as the Cosmos Fields Shawl (apart from the stripe composition and edging) - so here goes:


Yarn:    100% Acrylic DK

Colours: Black,  Dark Grey,  Pink, Bright Pink, Peach, Red, Lemon, Lime, Mint, Jade, Aqua, Turquoise, Baby Blue, Lilac

Special Stitch

Picot:    A picot is formed by crocheting 3ch then sl st into the top of the last dc

Stripe Composition:
Rows 1 - 4 Dark Grey
Row 5 - Pink
Rows  6 - 7 Dark Grey
Rows 8 - 9  Black
Row 10  Bright Pink
Rows 11 - 12 Black
Rows 13 - 14 Dark Grey
Row 15 Peach
Rows 16 - 17 Dark Grey
Rows 18 - 19 Black
Row 20 - Red
Rows 21 - 22 Black
Rows 23 - 34 Dark Grey
Row 25 Lemon
Rows 26 - 27 Dark Grey
Rows 28 - 29 Black
Row 30 Lime
Rows 31 - 32 Black
Rows 33 - 34 Dark Grey
Row 35 Mint
Rows 36 - 37 Dark Grey
Rows 38 - 29 Black
Row 40 Jade
Rows 41 - 42 Black
Rows 43 - 44 Dark Grey
Row 45 Aqua
Rows 46 - 47 Dark Grey
Rows 48 - 49 Black
Row 50 - Turquoise
Rows 51 - 52 Black
Rows 53 - 54  Dark Grey
Rows 55 Baby Blue
Rows 56  Grey
Row 57 Lilac
Rows 58 - 63 Black

Hook:   5.50mm 

Foundation & Rows 1 - 55 Follow the pattern for the COSMOS FIELDS SHAWL (using the above stripe composition) repeating the last row twice more for Rows 56 - 57.


Rows 58 - 59 (follow the pattern for Rows 56 - 57 of the Cosmos Fields Shawl)

Row 60 - 62:   4ch (counts as 1dc, 1ch), 2dc into 1ch sp;  [3dc (3dc group) into space before next dc group] repeat this until you reach the point (corner);    (3dc, 3ch, 3dc) into corner 3ch;  [3dc (3dc group) into next 3ch space] repeat this to the end of the row - working 2dc; 1ch, 1dc into the chain space at the end of the row 

Edging:  3ch (counts as 1dc), (1dc, picot, 1dc into 1ch space at start of row);  (sl st into space before next dc group;   2dc, picot, 1dc into same space as sl st] repeat this until you reach the point (corner);    (sl st into corner 3ch;   2dc, picot, 1dc into same space as sl st);  (sl st into space before next dc group;   2dc, picot, 1dc into same space as sl st) repeat this to the last 3 stitches and sl st into the 1ch space at the end of the row 

(We are now going to do the base edging - the longest side of the triangle which is formed as you do your rows) Into same 1ch space work 3hdc;  sl st into side of first dc post, (2ch, 1hdc, sl st into side of next dc post) repeat to last dc post, 3hdc, sl st into top of 3ch at start of row to end.


  1. Another gorgeous make
    Clare xx

  2. Gorgeous shawl in beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

    I wish you a pleasant day, Margaret

  3. Lovely shawl, Have a nice day

  4. What a lovelly shawl just the one to take with you on hollidays to the sea side ;
    Nice colors, fine crochet technique, merci fors sharing with us,