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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Crumpled Paper Flowers Tutorial

Have managed to craft myself into a corner (literally) surrounded by crumpled, distressed, stained and foxed paper - and heaps of paper flowers!

I have made a few of each of six different distressed paper flowers - but I am only going to share one with you for now:

Cut five of the same shape flower (longish petals work best for this bloom).    Layer the five shapes on top of one another with the petals lined up.    Put a staple through the middle of the five layers to secure the bloom.  Now take a knitting needle (or something similar - I have used one of my pewter tools) - start at the tip of the petal and roll it around the needle towards the middle of the flower.    Repeat this with each petal on each layer.  Glue a button over the staple.

As simple as that - and you can make it in a jiffy!

I have been looking for a basket or container of sorts to store some of my pens in (they need to be stored horizontally).   I was not about to drive to the packaging warehouse about 45kms away (a smorgasbord of all things plasticky and storagey) - seemed a waste of time and petrol for just one thing!   Went down to the local mall - little shop called the Crazy Store - they have everything from balloons to baskets, pegs to paper, etc.    Did not find what I was looking for but I did spot some "Easter" looking foam and foil stickers  for a couple of Rands - which I was absolutely compelled to buy!

And they work perfectly with my flowers!     Used the four lager stickers to make 12cm x 12cm cards.   Will use the two smaller ones to make gift tags (possibly).

Easter Egg Themed Card

Easter Card

Easter Card

Well that's enough crafting for me for one day.    Off to make a cuppa for hubby and myself  (which I am going to enjoy with a lovely biscuit or two .... maybe even three)!

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