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Thursday 24 October 2013

Crochet Cowl and Bags

I spent about an hour writing this post and then I just ran the backspace / delete key through it!

I don't think you want to be bored by an endless account of what I have been up to for the past two-ish weeks, instead I will just show you some of the things I have made!

Crochet Necklace

The above cowl/ necklace is made up using a long string of "yarnberries" - you can find the pattern on this BLOG

I made up quite a few strings of "yarnberries" - this was the prototype for the assembly.   Still needs a bit of work.    Was thinking of using more, smaller flowers and perhaps felting them first.    Also maybe adding a few pearls or beads here and there to the strands.

We experienced a few days of sweltering heat here in JHB, resulting in me having to put aside all my larger projects.   I made up a stack of small squares which I am busy assembling into very colourful baby blankets (thankfully the past few days have been wonderfully rainy and cool!)

After a few days of epic square making I just could not face making another square (so much so that I could not even crochet up my scraps for the Yarn Indaba Yarn Bomb!).  I knotted all the same-ish colour scraps together and set about crocheting myself some project bags:

crochet bag

crochet bag

crochet bag

crochet bag

I just kept joining each new colour with a double knot - which meant that I had only four ends to work in when I was done - two for the bag and two for the shell border!   I wanted the bags to have a shabby look - love the  "uneven"  double crochet where the knots are.    Added lots and lots of flowers and leaves I had been making up from small leftover bits of yarn, using small buttons for the flower centres.

Midnight has just passed (today has just become yesterday, and tomorrow is now today!!) - off to dreamland for me!!

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