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Tuesday 8 October 2013

Crochet Cushions: Circles in Squares and Daisy Granny Motif

The Circles in Squares and Daisy Granny Motif Crochet Cushions which I started ages ago are finally finished!!

crochet cushions

crochet cushions

Things have been pretty quiet around here - the young adults were away doing their own thing for a few days and Mr Owl and I were experiencing a bit of empty nest syndrome!    

We went lunching and brunching and breakfasting.     Wandered around the shops for a bit - treating ourselves to a bit of this and that.    Bought some "holiday" clothes - happy bright colours in cool cottons (orange, lime, hot pink, turquoise).    Found a lovely bag to match my turquoise sandals - quite chuffed about that - bought the sandals last season and have not been able to find a bag to match until now! 

Did a spot of gardening - totally in love with my garden - it just amazes me how everything just explodes with colour during October - and the fragrance is just too wonderful to describe - jasmine, lavender, yesterday-today-and-tomorrow, and of course the Roses!!     (We had a bit of rain yesterday - very welcome - but we could do with a few days of soaking showers).

spring flowers

Got my hair done and went for a pedi.   Spent a good amount of time lazing about in the bookstore.     And, of course......... started a few new projects

Stripe Crochet blanket

I used the same pastels / brights in both of these projects.      I love the surprising effect - a single row of pastel / bright double crochet against the dark grey and black really makes the colour pop

The young people are all home again - so the house is once again full and lively!!!   Really enjoying holding on to them for his last little stretch before they spread their wings and fly the nest.... (hopefully not too soon)!!

Off to make a last cuppa and then I am calling it a day!

Good night all!


  1. Your garden is beautiful, roses are my favourite flower. We have just moved to a new house and this is my first summer here, so I am using the season to experiment what will work best where .. have already lost some spring bulbs to extreme heat in a corner of the garden .. next summer will be a whole different picture. Love your cushions, I love Granny Squares full stop!

  2. Thanks Pat - Roses are my favourite too - the old fashioned fragrant variety! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your developing garden.