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Friday, 7 February 2014

The Shabby Project Bag

I have made quite a few of these Shabby Project Bags (HERE)

shabby project bag

Did not think that these would be quite so popular, but I have had numerous requests for a pattern.   

I used good old acrylic yarn  - DK in various brands (adds to the "shabbiness") and in order to make this a super lazy, super shabby project I knotted all my scraps together using a double knot (something my gran taught me) - gives you a "homegrown" variegated look

I  had no idea what the knot was called so I just googled 'knotting yarn together" and I discovered it is called a MAGIC KNOT.   I don't really like using this to join new yarn if it is an item I am giving as a gift or selling - but hey!    since I am making these for myself!!

Anyhow gather all your scraps, arrange them in a colour order that is pleasing to you, knot them together and roll them up into one big ball.     (I think about 150g should do it)

Grab whatever hook you normally use for DK (for this project I used a 5.00mm hook as the looser stitch adds to the shabby look) and lets get hooking!

The Shabby Project Bag

SIZE:    Small
HEIGHT:   24 cm

This size is great for  toting around smaller on-the-go projects like granny squares and scarves.

Base / Bottom
Worked on the right side:

Ch 4, ss to join

Round 1: 3ch, 11 dc, ss to join

Round 2:  3ch 1dc into sp between dc; *2dc into sp between dc* rep *to* 11 times = 24dc

Round 3: 3ch. 1dc into sp between 2dc, 1dc into next sp *2dc into next sp between 2dc, 1dc into next sp* Rep *to* 11 times = 36dc

Round 4:  3ch, 1dc into sp between 2dc, 1dc into each of next 2 spaces *2dc into next sp between 2dc, 1 dc into each of next 2 spaces between dc* rep *to* 11 times

Round 5 - 10:  For each subsequent round continue to do 2dc into the space between the 2dc of the previous row and one dc into each of the spaces between single dc (on each row you will have 1 more stitch between 2dc's that on the previous row).    This means that every row increases by 12 stitches - thus keeping the work flat for the base of the bag.

For this bag I have done 10 base rows - ending with a total of 120 dc (pretty easy calculation to get your dc number - row number x 12).

shabby project bag

To make the bag bigger just add extra base rows and a few more side rows so that the bag does not look out of proportion.

Still working on the right side

Round 11:  3ch, 1dc into the top of each dc of previous row, ss into top of 3ch.(crocheting into the top of each dc gives a neater finish and it is easier to keep track of the stitches - but if you want a shabbier look crochet into the space between dc, as I did on the bags I made earlier)

Round 12 - 20:    Repeat round 11

Round 21:  3ch *2dc together, 1dc into each of next 8 dc* Repeat *to* 11 times;  2dc together, 1dc into each of next 7dc;    ss into 3ch to join (12 decreases)

Round 22:   3ch *2dc together, 1dc into each of next 7dc*  Repeat *to* 11 times. 2dc together, 1dc into each of next 6dc;  ss into 3ch to join (12 decreases) - you will be left with 96 stitches.   Break off yarn

Note:   This narrows the opening of the bag ever so slightly - I prefer it that way.    If you prefer a wider opening repeat round 11 for Rounds 21 - 22.

shabby project bag

Here I switch to a smaller hook (4.00mm)
I also prefer to use a single colour for my edging
Join yarn in same place as joining ss of previous round
*3ch, 2dc, skip 1dc, ss into next dc* repeat * to * end making a slip stitch into the base of the first 3ch on the final repeat.   Break off yarn.

Here I use a single colour per row so the handles are quite "neat" in contrast.
Make 2 as follows
With the 4.00mm hook chain 121
Row 1:  sc into second ch from hook and into every ch thereafter
Rows 2 - 5: 1ch, sc into every sc on previous row
Break off yarn

shabby project bag
The join on every row is a bit obvious since we are using odd yarn.      Fold the bag so that the join runs where you would like to position your flowers, as this is the line we are going to use as a placement guide.

Position the handles and sew them in.    I position mine 12 dc in from the sides and 2rows below the edging.

I am going to share with you the first flower my gran taught me to make - a chain loop daisy!    (I remember making hundreds of them after she showed me - that was all I made for days!!)


Two colours are used here

ch 4, ss to join
3ch, 11 dc into ring, ss to join 

Join second colour in sp between any 2 dc.
*12ch, ss into same sp, ss into sp between next 2dc* rep to

You will need 6 to cover the join line. 

Tidy up the ends on the daisies but leave one long tail to sew them onto the bag.   Position them  and pin them into place before you start sewing them down:

shabby crochet bag

I start sewing in from the top to the bottom - less risk of puncturing your hand!

And that is it!!     Ready to use!!



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