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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Corner to Corner Granny Shawl Pattern

I posted a photo on Facebook of a corner to corner granny shawl I had made from yarn scraps.     I had made two - one for my sister and one for me.    My friend's daughter literally bought mine straight off my shoulders (a gift for one of her "artsy" university friends).

This happens to be the only photo I have of mine!

Anyway I had a lot of requests for the pattern - so here it is:

Yarn:  30% wool / 70 % Acrylic

Quantities:    200g brown, 200g cream, 60g each of 3 colours

Hook Size:   4.00 - 5.00 depending on your tension

Pattern Terms:  US

Start with:  5ch
Row 1:  Into 5th ch from hook - 3dc, 1ch, 1dc (first corner formed)

Begin Increasing:
Row 2:  4ch -  turn; 3dc into 1ch sp; 3dc, 1ch, 1dc into corner space

Row 3:  4ch - turn;   3dc into 1ch sp, 3dc into space between clusters; 3dc, 1ch, 1dc into corner space

Repeat Row 3 until the shawl is as long and wide as you like it!    (I did 110 rows)

You can find a little tutorial on the diagonal granny stripe HERE

Here is a photo of another one I made (looking very crumpled after being folded away for the summer):

I had some colours left over from my DIAGONAL GRANNY STRIPE INFINITY SCARF - a smallish amount of each colour - not really enough to make anything on their own.    They were such pretty colours (and pretty decent yarn too) so I did not want them to end up in a scrap project.

Added some cream and brown acrylic / wool blend to the mix, planned out the stripes in my head and got hooking

The last five rows I changed the stripe repeat a bit and did a row of each colour, separated by a row of brown.   I think it gave it quite a nice effect:

To edge I did a simple picot-style for the top and a fringe for the sides.

Starting off in a top corner work as follows:

2dc, 1 picot ( 3ch and then a ss into the top of the last dc), 2dc, 1 picot, 2dc;
2dc, 1 picot (4ch and then a ss into the 1st ch) into each space between clusters

 Repeat until you reach the end of the top side

Into the corner do 2dc, 1 picot ( 3ch and then a ss into the top of the last dc), 2dc, 1 picot, 2dc;

Now the side fringe:

*Into the side of the first dc work 1dc, 40ch, ss into first ch, 1dc
Into the side of the next dc work 1dc, 20ch, ss into first ch, 1dc
Into the side of the next dc work 1dc, 10ch, ss into first ch, 1dc*

To have a fringe of 3 different lengths, just keep repeating from *to* until you are once again at the top.     Then into the last sp 1dc 1 picot (3ch and then a ss into the top of the last dc)
SS into the top of the start dc.

And there you are!!   Done!

Friends, this pattern was written in a big rush - I have not had chance to had it tested (so effectively you will be my testers).    If you find any errors please leave me a comment and I will fix it!

Thanks for all the interest and lovely comments on Facebook.     I hope you enjoy this pattern!

Happy Hooking!!


  1. Hello ... its Melanie from FB here ... Thank you for putting up this pattern so quickly!! I have printed it off and will be raiding my stash soon ... this will be a good intro into C2C!!


  2. You are most welcom Melanie! C2C is a lot of fun - quick, easy, stress free crochet!

  3. It's beautiful ... I have yet to try C2C, it looks such fun, something to look forward to! Pat x

  4. I am going to copy down the pattern, it will be lovely for a cool summer evening. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Fabulous shawls! I especially like the second one, it is gorgeous! Chrissie x

  6. Thank You for your visit and lovely comments! The granny C2C is really just so versatile - I am rather "hooked"

  7. You have been busy, the second one is my favourite, beautiful

  8. Hi there. I am knitting this now and I am stuck. It is as wide as I want it but not long enough. How can I increase length but not width? Thank you for any help!

    1. Hi Cheri - because this is designed as a triangle shawl no matter how you add to the length you are going to increase the width. Unless you maybe crochet down the sides working shorter stitches at the top (sc) and taller stitches (tr) towards the point.

  9. So pretty! Thank you for sharing!

  10. You are so talented and kind to share your goodies with us!

  11. Your blog so inspiring
    These posts are great

  12. I really love your patterns, thank you so much for sharing with all of us.