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Sunday 2 March 2014

13 Granny Squares Bag: Pattern

I have made so many of these 13 Granny Squares Bags - they are just so quick and easy to make!

granny square bag

This is what you will need:

13 Granny Squares of your choosing -  a 12cm x 12cm (about 6 rounds) gives you a fairly convenient size bag - for this particular bag I used my EIGHT PETAL GRANNY SQUARE PATTERN - with 1 extra round of DC
Yarn to work them together - I prefer to either single crochet them together on the right side or use my VISIBLE JOIN

About 25g of yarn for finishing and the handle.

I find that a granny square made with DK (in whatever blend you like),  using a 3.50mm to 4.00mm hook gives a nice soft but sturdy fabric

Arrange your squares as follows:

NOTE:   Squares 3 and 5 coloured in green are represented on both sides of the pattern (2 squares only - not four) I have represented them this way because these two squares fold in half, and are worked into both the front and back of the bag.   Once you have joined your squares as the diagramn indicates fold along the bottom of square eight.   Fold squares 3 and 5 over and join.     Join the side f 1 to 12 and the side of 2 to 13

Crochet two rows of sc aound the opening (doing a 3sc tog over the "v").

 I only made one strap (handle):
Foundation Row:   ch 120, sc into 2nd ch from hook, sc into each chain to end, 1ch then turn
Rows 2 - 6:  1sc into top of each sc from the previous row
Fold over and then work  Row 7, sc into top of sc on previous row and through corresponding start chain (so you will form a "tube")
Centre the handle over the joins for squares 1 and 12;  2 and 13 - sew in

The bow embellishment (optional) is made as follows:

Piece A:  
Foundation Row:   13ch, sc into 2nd ch from hook. sc into each chain to end
Rows 2 -5;  1sc into top of each sc from the previous row

Piece B: 
Foundation Row:  8ch, sc into 2nd ch from hook, sc into each ch to end
Row 2:  1sc into top of each sc from the previous row

Fold Piece B over Centre of Piece A and secure tightly to form a bow.


  1. Hi Zelna, wow I love this hand bag it's so pretty! I love the colors of the yarn and I love that you made a chart to follow too! Have a nice week.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  2. That is a very pretty bag, I have seen these before.....I think I might try making one sometime

  3. They are loads of fun to make Hazel - and it works up in no time too!

  4. So now I have no excuse! I have to make a bag like this, just a quick question, do you ever line the bag, and if so, would you show how you have done it? Another grey day ... perfect for crocheting I find! Pat xx

  5. Hi Pat - I line the ones I sell, don't really bother for myself as I mostly use them for toting WIP's around. I have recently lined one of my granny square bags - I will post a photo of the lining as soon as the bag is done!

  6. Hi Zelna, now I'm a follower. Great bag. I'm always looking for smaller granny square patterns, as I don't have the endurance to do bigger projects with them.