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Thursday 13 March 2014

Rainbows and Daisies Square Pattern: Baby Groovyghan CAL(1)

I shared this photo in various crochet groups of a little "Rainbows and Daisies" project I have been working on and I was inundated with requests for the pattern.    I also had the privilege of my photo being used as the Group Cover Photo on the Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 FB Page for this week!

Daisy Square

I used my MOOD BLANKET SQUARE for the first three rows of my"Rainbows & Daisies" Square and it never ceases to amaze me how colour and row composition can change the appearance of the same pattern!!

mood blanket

Day 72 and still making 1 square a day - although I have to admit that this week I really wished I had rather done a square a week!!   I have so many WIP's and new projects planned that it takes discipline to actually make that one leeeeetle tineee square every day!

Missy arrives to investigate.....

mood blanket

My new stash has started arriving ........ and it is so pretty!   I almost wanted to leave it on my craft table and stare at it all week!

yarn stash

At the top of the photo you will see a few really bright! colours peeking out - they are the cutest little 25g balls and are so bright you have wear shades to look at them.   This was an extremely impulsive buy, probably spurred on by the gloomy weather we have been having! 

rainbow brights

I have decided to make a Baby Groovyghan with these colours.   I am teaching a few friends to crochet, so I will be using very simple squares and stripes so that my "beginner" crochet friends will feel confident crocheting along.    I will be posting the patterns for the squares and the stripes as we go.

The patterns will all be written in US terms

Yarn:    Mirage 4ply (100% Acrylic)
Hook Size:   3.50mm
Blanket size:  85cm x 110cm

The first square will be my:


daisy granny square

5 Rows worked in the round
Measurement of completed square:    10cm x 10cm
Make 8 of these

Foundation (bright yellow):  4ch, ss to form ring

Row 1 (bright yellow)4 ch (counts as 1dc 1ch), 1dc 1ch into ring (repeat 11 times) (12 x 1dc, 1ch groups) ss to close, break off yarn

Row 2 (white)Into any 1ch sp,  2ch 2dc cluster, 3ch;   *3dc cluster, 3ch* crochet *to* 11x (12 clusters), ss to close, break off yarn

Note:   a 3dc cluster is formed as follows - yarn over hook, work the first part of the stitch leaving 2 loops on your hook, repeat this twice more (four loops on hook) Yarn over hook and draw through the loops on the hook to form your cluster
Row 3 (colour of your choice)Into any 3ch sp crochet 3ch, 2dc;   3dc into next 3ch sp;   *3tr, 3ch, 3tr (corner) into next 3ch sp; 3dc into next two 3ch spaces* 3 x from * to*;   3tr, 3ch, 3tr into last 3ch space;   ss to close:

Row 4:  3ch, 1dc into the top of each dc on previous row;   into corners 2dc, 3ch, 2dc (repeat until round completed) ss into top of third chain to close;   break off yarn:

Row 5 (white):  3ch, 1dc into the top of each dc on previous row;   into corners 2dc, 3ch, 2dc (repeat until round completed) ss into top of third chain to close;   break off yarn

Once you have your 8 squares you can join them in a row using my VISIBLE JOIN.

Next post we will add a row of stripes to your row of squares and I will add a pattern for a different square!


PS:   Joining the link-up at HAZEL'S CROCHET


  1. I have never done a CAL before, but I think doing your Baby Groovyghan will be a perfect first one! Thanks so much for the opportunity :) I am insanely jealous of your stash!!

  2. That is a lovely tutorial!! I have added it to my pinterest as I think a rainbow blanket like this would be awesome!!

  3. I love your rainbows and daisy squares.

  4. Grazie. sei veramente brava..grazie delle istruzioni proverò a fare queste bellissime mattonelle!

  5. The brightness delights; the ensemble plays so well together. Prettier as it grows, too, I bet. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I would love to know where to order the 4 ply yarn is this the US sport yarn? thank you

    1. I am with you. I can't find a thing. I can't find the neon color either. HELP!

    2. I have found our Mirage 4ply to be almost equivalent in thickness to the Stylecraft Special DK. There are 59 colours to choose from in the Stylecraft Special DK range, among which you will find colours that are pretty close to the ones I have been using for this project. I have been ordering online from Deramores in the UK - their service is fantastic, and they deliver internationally!

    3. oh my Zelna !!!! I just read this ... well .. two hours ago I did !!! I spent those two hours 'researching' Deramores site .......... I live in Portugal now [ I am a Brit] and some yarns are hard to come by ... I believe you have just found the answer for me !!! THANK YOU !

  7. Thanks for sharing this pattern, I am loving making it! so many colours to choose from I feel quite giddy lol ;-D

  8. I think you need to edit the Note on your pattern. It currently reads "Yarn over hook and draw through the hooks on the loop to form your cluster". Did you mean "draw through the loops on your hook"?

  9. Oh LOL! Good thing you noticed that! That is what happens when you write patterns and two in the morning! Thanks!

  10. I looked at Deramores site and can't find the bright colors. what is the name of the yarn you used? thank you..

  11. I can't wait to try this pattern it is lovely

  12. I don't think my comment posted! I will try again. I am planning on doing this as a wedding gift! It is just so perfect! The pattern is beautiful and I have read further and I cannot wait to get started. I am sure they will appreciate the effort too! Thanks so much!

    1. I always appreciate a handmade gift more - knowing all the time, love and effort that goes into creating it makes it so much more special!

  13. Ag dis lieflik! Ek het hierdie winter vir die eerste keer in my lewe gehekel..... 2 paar "adult booties". Weliswaar was dit met DIK wol, so dit het vinnig gegaan lol :)
    Hierdie groovyghan van jou het nou die wol-gogga nou iets gegee om aan te knaag.....
    Gister moes ek eers die nodige wolletjies gaan koop.....ek het mos nog nie oorskiet-wolletjies nie lol.....
    En vandag begin ek met ry 1.
    Baie dankie vir die pragtige patroon!

    1. Dis lekker as mens wol begin opgaar - kort voor lank het jy n hoop oorskiet wol - en dit is waar die pret begin!!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern my square turned out lovely!

  15. Very late coming to this lovely design. Is it in UK or USA terms please x

  16. Thank you for sharing,I just love daisies & yours are lovely !