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Thursday 27 March 2014

Circles in Squares: Baby Groovyghan CAL(4)

circle in a square granny

I have never really viewed squares constructed of basic circles, solid squares or traditional grannies as being a "pattern" since the construction of the basic circles and squares comes down to nothing more than a bit of simple mathematics, colour change and stitch grouping.

A basic three round circle is constructed in multiples of twelve:   
1st round = 12
2nd round = 24
3rd round = 36

Your basic circle can easily be squared or made into a hexagon.   Multiples of twelve can be divided by FOUR (square) and SIX (hexagon)

Variation of your stitches, row colours etc is what adds the element of interest to the basic circle.

This week I am going to concentrate on changing the appearance of the BASIC "SOLID" CIRCLE:

Pattern Terms:  US

Yarn:  Mirage 4ply

Hook Size:  3.50mm
Foundation:  4ch, ss to join

Row 1:  3 ch into same place as ss (counts as 1 dc), 11 dc into circle (12 dc), ss into top of 3ch to join

Row 2:  3ch (counts as 1dc), 1dc into top of  same dc;  *2dc into top of  dc* rep *to* 11 times= 24dc

Row 3:  3ch (counts as 1dc). 1dc into top of same dc, 1dc into top of next dc*2dc into top of next dc, 1dc into next top of next dc *Rep *to* 11 times = 36dc;   ss into top of 3ch

circle in a square granny

The exact same circle - but the possibilities are endless!!!!

Squaring your basic 3 round circle is also not complicated - once again a bit of basic math:

36 stitches - 4 corners = 32 stitches

32 stitches - 4 sides = 8 stitches

Simple!   What does that mean?   In plain english you will have 8 stitches on each side between your corners!

Using different heights of stitches on your corner squares your circle (for a three round granny 2 height variations is enough to square the circle - on a bigger circle it gets a bit more complicated!)

My gran taught me an easy formula for STITCH HEIGHTS - this is also the formula I use when starting a row:

ss = 0 (0 chain0
sc = 1 (1 chain)
hdc = 2 (2 chain)
dc = 3 (3 chain)
tr - 4 (4 chain)

We are going to use a combination of hdc(2) and dc(3) to square this circle for our Baby Groovyghan, working as follows: 

Row 4:  Join 2nd Colour into top of dc and work as follows:  2ch, 1hdc into top of next 7 dc (8hdc);   *2dc, 3ch, 2dc into top of next dc;  1hdc into top of each of next 8dc* *to* 3 times; 2dc, 3ch, 2dc into top of last dc; ss into top of 2ch to join.

circle in a square granny

Row 5:  3ch; 1dc into top of each of next 7dc;  1dc into top of each of 2 cnr dc;  2dc, 3ch, 2dc into cnr 2ch; *1dc into each of next 2dc;   1dc into each of next 8dc; 1dc into each of next 2dc;   2dc, 3ch, 2dc into cnr 2ch* *to* 3 times;  1dc into each of next 2dc;  ss into top of 3ch. break off yarn

Row 6:  Join 3rd colour into top of any dc, 3ch;   1dc into top of each dc;   into corner 3ch make 2dc, 3ch, 2dc 

Play around with colours, alternating your row to get different effects - don't worry about having a heap of tryout squares!    Grannies are super versatile and you will always find some use for them!

Make 8 squares in the colour and row combinations of your choice and join them together.    This will for the 3rd row of squares for your Baby Groovyghan!

Next week we will crochet another band of stripes and join your Circles in Squares Grannies to the rest of the blanket.  

Have fun experimenting!!!


  1. So much fun!! Looking forward to the next step!!

  2. The next batch of squares are going to be even more fun Heather!

  3. Sorry to ask - are your crochet patterns in US terms? I'm new to crochet and understand there is a difference between the United States (I don't know WHY we have to be so original!) and UK/European abbreviations.
    Thanks for your awesome patterns. I'm going to give these colorful gems a go!

    1. Mine are in US terms Jenifer! I am on Facebook - also Zooty Owl - If you struggle with anything just leave me a message!