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Thursday 10 April 2014

Not Quite a Daffodil: Flower Pattern

Baking Nutella Muffins.

Was a bit bored while waiting for them to come out of the oven and so I made these.    They remind me of daffodils although they are not quite daffodils!

crochet flowers

Have not even worked in the ends yet - just had to type up the pattern first while it was still fresh in my mind:

With Colour A - 6ch, ss to join 

Row 1:  Into the ring,  2ch 2dc cluster, 3ch;   *3dc cluster, 3ch* crochet *to* 5x (6 clusters), ss to close,  break off yarn

Note:   a 3dc cluster is formed as follows - yarn over hook, work the first part of the stitch leaving 2 loops on your hook, repeat this twice more (four loops on hook) Yarn over hook and draw through the loops on the hook to form your cluster

Row 2:   Join Colour B in any 3ch sp;   2ch, 2dc, 1tr, 1 picot, 1tr, 2dc, 2ch, ss into same space;  *ss into next 3ch sp,  2ch, 2dc, 1tr, 1 picot, 1tr, 2dc, 2ch, ss into same space* *to* x5, ss into same sp as first petal to close.   Break off yarn

Pattern is written in US terms
I used Elle Pullskein DK and a 4.00mm hook

Made a few more in a thinner yarn and added a bit of detail to the petals.   I think these are much nicer!

crochet flowers

The Not Quite a Daffodil Square Pattern can be found HERE


  1. Thank you for generously sharing your beautiful daffodil pattern xox

  2. How did you add the extra color detail to the petals? I didn't see that in the instructions. Thank you for sharing. This blog is very inspirational and fun.

    1. Hi! With the same type of yarn and an embroidery needle. I often add a bit of colour with a bit of embroidery!

  3. Hi.
    Your pattern is beautiful! It is something elegant that even a beginner could master easily. However, in your note about a 3dc cluster, your last line says "the hooks on the loop to form your cluster". It should be "the loops on the hook" so that it is less confusing for a beginner. I like to use this as a teaching pattern to show my students how to work in rounds. It's small and easy and is so elegant that instant accomplishment rush just can't be beat for encouraging beginners to continue learning the craft. Thank you for providing such a wonderful pattern!

    1. Thank you for pointing that out Dani! I always seem to do that - my brain just does not want to put those words in the correct order!!