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Tuesday 15 April 2014

Not Quite A Daffodil Square: Pattern

Yesterday I needed to make a quick gift.

So I chose a few soft colours and hooked up a couple of pretty flower squares to make up something fun!

flower crochet squares

This is how they are done (in case you would like to make a few too):

Pattern Terms:  US

Yarn:  Stylecraft Special DK for the squares and flower centres;    Mirage 4ply for the Petals
(The Stylecraft Special DK is quite "thin" compared to our South African DK - it is much closer to our 4ply)

Hook:  3.50mm

Size:  12cm x 12cm

Row 1:  Into the ring,  2ch 2dc cluster, 3ch;   *3dc cluster, 3ch* crochet *to* 5x (6 clusters), ss into top of cluster to close

  • a 3dc cluster is formed as follows - yarn over hook, work the first part of the stitch leaving 2 loops on your hook, repeat this twice more (four loops on hook) Yarn over hook and draw through the hooks on the loop to form your cluster
  • The 3ch "loop" between clusters forms your "front loop" into which the petals of your flower will be worked 

flower crochet square

Row 2:  Into the same space as the ss, 1ch, 1sc, 4ch;  *1sc into top of next cluster, 4ch* *to* 5x (6x four chain loops formed), ss into 1ch at start of row, break off yarn.

flower crochet square

Note:   The 4ch "loop" forms your "back loop" into which the first row of your square (row 3) will be worked

flower crochet square

Row 3:   Join colour you are using for the square in any 4ch sp, 3ch, 3dc, 1ch;  *4dc, 1ch* *to* 5x (6 x 4dc clusters formed) (24 stitches), ss to close

flower crochet square

Row 4:   Into first space between dc on previous row 3ch, 1dc;  *into next space between dc, 1dc,  into next space between dc, 2dc) repeat *to* to last space between dc, 1dc, ss into top of 3ch to close (36 stitches) 

flower crochet square

Row 5:  Into same place as ss work 3ch, 1dc into top of next 7 dc (8dc);   *2tr, 3ch, 2tr into top of next dc;  1dc into top of each of next 8dc* *to* 3 times; 2tr, 3ch, 2tr into top of last dc; ss into top of 3ch to join.

flower crochet square

Row 6:  3ch; 1dc into top of each of next 7dc;  1dc into top of each of 2 cnr tr;  2dc, 3ch, 2dc into cnr 2ch; *1dc into each of next 2tr;   1dc into each of next 8dc; 1dc into each of next 2tr;   2dc, 3ch, 2dc into cnr 2ch* *to* 3 times;  1dc into each of next 2tr;  ss into top of 3ch. break off yarn

Row 7:  Into top of any dc, 3ch;   1dc into top of each dc;   into corner 3ch make 2dc, 3ch, 2dc


Join Colour for Petals in  any "front loop" 3ch sp formed on Row 1;

flower crochet square

2ch, 2dc, 1tr, 1 picot, 1tr, 2dc, 2ch, ss into same space;

flower crochet square

*ss into next 3ch sp,  2ch, 2dc, 1tr, 1 picot, 1tr, 2dc, 2ch, ss into same space* *to* x5, ss into same sp as first petal to close.   Break off yarn

flower crochet square

I added a row of white in Mirage 4ply (repeat Row 7)

I then added a little bit of detail of the petals:

flower crochet squares

Just looks like spring (although we are quite deep into Autumn here)!

In a bit of a crazy rush - so this is not much of a post!    Lots and lots of patterns to write and tutorials to do!

Happy hooking!

(PS:   If you would like to make the flowers on their own you can find the link HERE)

(PPS:   Have not had the pattern tested - so please if you find any errors, don't be shy to let me know)


  1. Gorgeous, thanks for the tutorial.


  2. Wonderful idea and lovely soft colours, thanks for sharing

  3. So pretty! Love the detail on the daff petals :) Pat

  4. Those are lovely. Thank you for the pattern

  5. I have plenty of your patterns on my to do list. I think this one just moved to first place. I just finished my last project.

  6. Wow! These are so pretty. I love how the flower pops out of the square! Thanks for the pattern. You are very creative!

  7. These are so pretty, like you we are entrenched in autumn but still I think I will try them for a cushion for a young girls room. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This is so pretty I love it and how you did the the bit of color to the petals. They remind me a bit of the flowers on my grandmas dogwood tree from when I was a little girl... Lonnnnng time ago. :-) Thank you for sharing.

  9. Have tried one of the squares looks lovely.
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award because you and your blog has captured my attention. Thanks for the connection and the inspiration. You can find the nomination here:http://zanashomemade.blogspot.co.nz
    Please feel free to accept or ignore.

  10. These are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. We have had a record daffodil year this year. Like an extra layer of sunshine in the garden! Anna x

  11. soo pretty..and easy ..love it.. thx

  12. What a pretty square! Thank you! :)
    Lee Ann

    Crochet...Gotta Love It! Blog:
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    #crochetgottaloveit #crochet

  13. Love this! Would look great for a baby blanket!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful crochet pattern! My square turned out so beautiful!