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Monday 12 May 2014

Mood Blanket 2014 - Change of Pace

I last posted progress on my Mood Blanket in mid March (HERE).

I was getting a bit bored with taking photos of the same old squares over and over (and over) and wanted to change the design a bit to indicate the change of season and also to make the project more interesting!

Stripes seemed like a good idea, but a stripe a day would result in a very long blanket!    Two rows a week (in the overall mood for that week) keeps the blanket more or less in line with the size I had planned from the start.

At the end of March there were five blocks short on my last row, and so the first five days of April had to be squares!

My mood rows so far:

crochet mood blanket

Pink = Sociable (6 - 12 April)
Green = Inspired (13 - 19 April)
Yellow = Happy (20 - 26 April)
Orange = Energetic (27 April - 3 May)
Purple = Grateful (4 May - 10 May)


  1. Very beautifull ! I enjoy the colours !

  2. Wow, you are so organised with your blanket! I don't have a colour for each mood, I just pick randomly for the day & I haven't attached them all yet... sigh, that'll be a big job!
    BUT... your blanket is looking FABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!

  3. It's looking great :)
    Clare x

  4. I am loving the bright colors!!! And I love the mood concept :)