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Friday 5 December 2014

Little Flower Scrap-Along - WIP Wednesday

Wednesday really managed to run away from me......... I started out instructing the gardener to do this and that ..........then noticed that the roses needed deadheading and a light summer prune (I prefer doing this myself).   

By 11h00 I was only about a third of the way through the rose bushes, and was starting to MELT!       I spent most of the rest of the day in the pool trying to cool down and regain some energy after the morning's exertions.

Yesterday was too hot to even think about crochet or gardening!    I sat making cards for most of the day!   

Today is fixing to be another scorcher, so I thought I would quickly finish this post before I camp out by the pool with a light read and an iced mint coffee (YUM!)

Better late than never............ here are the WIP "Wednesday" snaps..............

Katie Garner was off to a good start, but had to take a break from crocheting as she has been under the weather!    Get well soon Katie!

crochet hexagon

Diane Bolt is using a more subtle palette for her scrapbuster blankie!

crochet hexagon

Gerda Collins is very serious about her scrapbusting and has almost finished her blanket!

crochet hexagon

I am adding motifs with the bits I have left as I finish other projects...

Such an explosion of COLOUR just makes me sooooo happy!

It is not too late to join in........ details of the Scrap-Along can be found HERE

Please post your progress photos on my Zooty Owl Facebook page so that I can share them in next week's post!



  1. I have far too many scraps to pass on this! But I don't use Facebook. Is it possible to email you a progress photo? Or I could post it on my blog and send you the link? Thanks :-)

    1. Yes, please do join! You could post it on your blog and then leave a comment here for me!

    2. Sorry about the double comment and the fact I'm just now getting back to you; I haven't been getting replies sent to my email from blogger. I started the scrap along (yay!), but only have a little progress to show so far. I'll be putting up a picture on my blog today. Happy New Year!

  2. Can I still join the Scrap Along if I don't use Facebook?

  3. All the blankets look so beautiful even though made from scraps.

  4. Dear Zelna, I LOVE your blog, use of colour, imagination, and level of skill. Also a great site to navigate!
    I see you use Elle wool. What cotton yarn do you recommend and who is your distributor? (I live in Durban).

    1. Hi Fran! I buy all my yarn online from New Kayo Bazaar in Krugersdorp - they are fantastic and deliver countrywide! Elle Premier Cotton is fabulous - it is a mercerised cotton so it does not split and your stitches remain very neat - a huge selection of colours. The Elle Cotton on is also fantastic to crochet with - that comes in about six colours. Coffee Cotton also has a lovely texture, but there are only a few colours and they are not very vibrant. The Strawberries & Cream cotton is a blend of cotton and acrylic in lovely "washed" colours - it is inclined to split but it creates a lovely rustic fabric. The Raeesah Cotton is quite my favourite, mainly because the colours are so vibrant - it is inclined to split, so I use a rounded "hook" when working with this then it does not "catch". Hope this helps!

  5. Dear Zelna

    Many thanks for your comprehensive reply regarding sources.
    Much appreciated.
    Now back from holiday and will follow up.

    Happy New Year.

    Kind regards
    Fran Saunders