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Monday 24 June 2013

Diagonal Box Stitch Afghan - Shades of Blue

Enjoying a sublime cup of Orange Tea, relaxing in my lazy chair with my laptop.

My cat just ran into my craft room - gave me a really nasty look - her usual "morning corner" has been taken over by my photo props.    She has now somehow managed to squeeze herself in behind the props and is looking decidedly grumpy!

But without further ado and as promised HERE- Shades of Blue Diagonal Box Stitch Afghan! 
diagonal box stitch crochet afghan

The yarn I used in this project was actually from another project which I had frogged!    No planning (or much thought) went into how much yarn was needed for this project.    Of course I ran out of three colours a good couple of rows before I finished.

I left it unfinished for a couple of months trying to find a match for the colours.     Almost five months later still no match!.    Nothing quite as annoying as an almost finished project just lying around - had to make a plan.   I completed this diagonal box stitch afghan using baby blue and went on an internet search to find something to add a bit of Oomph to the plain corner.  Found a pattern for some lovely hearts which I appliqued on (rather badly!)   Added a border of 3 rows dc, 1 row ch and sc.

Box Stitch Crochet Afghan

Oh I love blue!

box stitch crochet afghan

And did I mention how much I love blue??

box stitch crochet afghan

Lunch time!    Think I am going to have a toasted cranberry chicken mayo!    Ooh yum - always used to have that for lunch at my favourite little Cafe - which sadly closed down when our local mall was renovated - now I just have to be content with my version of this delectable treat!


  1. Where can I find the Pattern to this Afghan at, it's beautiful.

  2. Sadly I did not write this pattern down - I used the diagonal box stitch, which is a really fun, addictive stitch - there are quite a few tutorials online - http://www.crochetspot.com/how-to-crochet-corner-to-corner-diagonal-box-stitch/