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Tuesday 4 February 2014

An Old Granny Square Blanket

I remember seeing a lovely round afghan (a granny circle) in one of the crochet books my gran left me.

Since December I have been going through my books over and over and over - and I just cannot find the photo.     This lead me to believe that the book was not in my bookshelf!   

I have been obsessing about making this and so I spent the morning on a mission - going through the crates in our storeroom searching for the book that would contain my holy grail of crochet!

Well I had to laugh!!   I still have not found the book but I discovered this  old granny square blanket. I made it about 25 years ago from a haul of acrylic that my then-new hubby brought home for me one Saturday! (He went out shopping for power tools and he came home with yarn for me!! - LOVE!)

Still looks pretty good after almost a quarter of a century (although my crochet has improved somewhat since then!).


  1. What a wonderful blanket and what a wonderful man. He is a keeper.He buys you yarn. ISn't it funny how we look for something and find something else. I hope you find that book

  2. It is funny! Maybe I should go looking for other treasures and then I may find my book!!

  3. Margret Onyeaghor8 February 2014 at 14:55

    You have a wonderful sense of color. I absolutely love how everything blends.

  4. Thank you Margaret! I do LOVE colour!

  5. I just love your colors... Again! I know that I love a certain share of blue with a certain share of purple. I also LOVE black because I think it makes colors (certain colors) pop! This blanket is dreamy!

  6. Hello zelna! Thank you for sharing this pattern i love it! Im currentky working on mine. I have a question. I was wondering if you have tbe finished measurements by any chance? I would greatly appreciate them. Again thank you for the lovely pattern!