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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Granny Bag & Scarf

I have probably said this over and over (and over)....... but so far my absolute favourite part of being a Stylecraft Blogstar was the  BLOGSTAR MEET UP on 4 February 2017.

Besides getting to meet all the other lovely Blogstars we were treated to a mystery pack of Stylecraft Yarns for Spring 2017.   Three stunning "vintage" colours were added to the Stylecraft Special DK range and I could not wait to try out a few colour combinations!

Aren't they just too pretty for words????

The three new colours are gorgeous together and so I wanted to add additional colours that would really make them stand out.   

Stylecraft Special DK "Walnut" and "Apricot" were the perfect choice for a vintage feel "Gorgeous Granny" Bag and Granny Stripe Scarf

The colours had to be divided carefully between the two projects to obtain an even balance.    For the scarf I used longish panels of Apricot and Mushroom, separated by shorter panels of Vintage Peach.    For the side stripes I used Buttermilk, Walnut and Vintage Peach edged with Apricot.   (I made the granny stripe for the scarf up and intend to use this it in a blanket design)

I used double rows of each colour for the bag in the following order:   Buttermilk, Vintage Peach, Apricot, Mushroom & Walnut. 

The pattern for the bag is available in my RAVELRY STORE

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

"Gorgeous Granny" Bag

I have made quite a few "FAT BOTTOM" GRANNY BAGS using a "modification" of a pattern I found on the internet.  

I wanted a bag that didn't look quite as casual, with a separate lining that could be worked into the bag without sewing through the crochet square, with neat, sturdy handles.

I am quite chuffed with the bag I came up with.    Went to the shops with this bag yesterday, and quite a few ladies stopped me to admire my bag.    "Gorgeous" was the most popular comment, hence the name "Gorgeous Granny Bag"

granny bag

 I made quite a few of these with a mix of variegated and solid colour yarn.

They make lovely thoughtful gifts - each and every one of my "girlfriends" will be sporting one of these this winter!

Pattern can be found in my RAVELRY STORE

Sunday, 2 March 2014

13 Granny Squares Bag: Pattern

I have made so many of these 13 Granny Squares Bags - they are just so quick and easy to make!

granny square bag

This is what you will need:

13 Granny Squares of your choosing -  a 12cm x 12cm (about 6 rounds) gives you a fairly convenient size bag - for this particular bag I used my EIGHT PETAL GRANNY SQUARE PATTERN - with 1 extra round of DC
Yarn to work them together - I prefer to either single crochet them together on the right side or use my VISIBLE JOIN

About 25g of yarn for finishing and the handle.

I find that a granny square made with DK (in whatever blend you like),  using a 3.50mm to 4.00mm hook gives a nice soft but sturdy fabric

Arrange your squares as follows:

NOTE:   Squares 3 and 5 coloured in green are represented on both sides of the pattern (2 squares only - not four) I have represented them this way because these two squares fold in half, and are worked into both the front and back of the bag.   Once you have joined your squares as the diagramn indicates fold along the bottom of square eight.   Fold squares 3 and 5 over and join.     Join the side f 1 to 12 and the side of 2 to 13

Crochet two rows of sc aound the opening (doing a 3sc tog over the "v").

 I only made one strap (handle):
Foundation Row:   ch 120, sc into 2nd ch from hook, sc into each chain to end, 1ch then turn
Rows 2 - 6:  1sc into top of each sc from the previous row
Fold over and then work  Row 7, sc into top of sc on previous row and through corresponding start chain (so you will form a "tube")
Centre the handle over the joins for squares 1 and 12;  2 and 13 - sew in

The bow embellishment (optional) is made as follows:

Piece A:  
Foundation Row:   13ch, sc into 2nd ch from hook. sc into each chain to end
Rows 2 -5;  1sc into top of each sc from the previous row

Piece B: 
Foundation Row:  8ch, sc into 2nd ch from hook, sc into each ch to end
Row 2:  1sc into top of each sc from the previous row

Fold Piece B over Centre of Piece A and secure tightly to form a bow.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Granny Square Bag: Hearts & Rainbows

The story of a little granny square bag....

One afternoon last week hubby and I had to run a few errands along the "not-so-scenic-route".   Not wanting to be bored during the drive I grabbed my RAINBOW SQUARES on the way out.  There were only ten squares left after I had used the greens, blues and violets in another project.

I Managed to make each square 2 rows bigger during the drive and when I got home I just knew what I wanted to make.

So I quickly laid out the squares:

granny square bag

Joined them together with sc in lime green as per my diagram:

granny square bag

Brought the side squares around and worked them onto the top square and bottom half square.    Then I joined the sides of the front top squares to the sides of the back top squares.

granny square bag

Crochet two rows of sc aound the opening (doing a 3sc tog over the "v").

Made an edging row as follows:  *2ch, 1dc (into the top of any sc) skip one sc, ss into top of next sc* rep *to* all around opening;  ss into top of 2nd chain to close.    End off

As the bag is quite small I only made one strap (handle):
Foundation Row:   ch 110, sc into 2nd ch from hook, sc into each chain to end, 1sc then turn
Rows 2 - 4:  1sc into top of each sc from the previous row
Fold over and then work  Row 5, sc into top of sc on previous row and through corresponding start chain (so you will form a "tube")

Sewed the strap  in over the side join on the inside of the bag. 

And then embellish to your heart's content:

granny square bag

Photo taken indoors!

granny square bag

And this one taken outdoors!


Friday, 7 February 2014

The Shabby Project Bag

I have made quite a few of these Shabby Project Bags (HERE)

shabby project bag

Did not think that these would be quite so popular, but I have had numerous requests for a pattern.   

I used good old acrylic yarn  - DK in various brands (adds to the "shabbiness") and in order to make this a super lazy, super shabby project I knotted all my scraps together using a double knot (something my gran taught me) - gives you a "homegrown" variegated look

I  had no idea what the knot was called so I just googled 'knotting yarn together" and I discovered it is called a MAGIC KNOT.   I don't really like using this to join new yarn if it is an item I am giving as a gift or selling - but hey!    since I am making these for myself!!

Anyhow gather all your scraps, arrange them in a colour order that is pleasing to you, knot them together and roll them up into one big ball.     (I think about 150g should do it)

Grab whatever hook you normally use for DK (for this project I used a 5.00mm hook as the looser stitch adds to the shabby look) and lets get hooking!

The Shabby Project Bag

SIZE:    Small
HEIGHT:   24 cm

This size is great for  toting around smaller on-the-go projects like granny squares and scarves.

Base / Bottom
Worked on the right side:

Ch 4, ss to join

Round 1: 3ch, 11 dc, ss to join

Round 2:  3ch 1dc into sp between dc; *2dc into sp between dc* rep *to* 11 times = 24dc

Round 3: 3ch. 1dc into sp between 2dc, 1dc into next sp *2dc into next sp between 2dc, 1dc into next sp* Rep *to* 11 times = 36dc

Round 4:  3ch, 1dc into sp between 2dc, 1dc into each of next 2 spaces *2dc into next sp between 2dc, 1 dc into each of next 2 spaces between dc* rep *to* 11 times

Round 5 - 10:  For each subsequent round continue to do 2dc into the space between the 2dc of the previous row and one dc into each of the spaces between single dc (on each row you will have 1 more stitch between 2dc's that on the previous row).    This means that every row increases by 12 stitches - thus keeping the work flat for the base of the bag.

For this bag I have done 10 base rows - ending with a total of 120 dc (pretty easy calculation to get your dc number - row number x 12).

shabby project bag

To make the bag bigger just add extra base rows and a few more side rows so that the bag does not look out of proportion.

Still working on the right side

Round 11:  3ch, 1dc into the top of each dc of previous row, ss into top of 3ch.(crocheting into the top of each dc gives a neater finish and it is easier to keep track of the stitches - but if you want a shabbier look crochet into the space between dc, as I did on the bags I made earlier)

Round 12 - 20:    Repeat round 11

Round 21:  3ch *2dc together, 1dc into each of next 8 dc* Repeat *to* 11 times;  2dc together, 1dc into each of next 7dc;    ss into 3ch to join (12 decreases)

Round 22:   3ch *2dc together, 1dc into each of next 7dc*  Repeat *to* 11 times. 2dc together, 1dc into each of next 6dc;  ss into 3ch to join (12 decreases) - you will be left with 96 stitches.   Break off yarn

Note:   This narrows the opening of the bag ever so slightly - I prefer it that way.    If you prefer a wider opening repeat round 11 for Rounds 21 - 22.

shabby project bag

Here I switch to a smaller hook (4.00mm)
I also prefer to use a single colour for my edging
Join yarn in same place as joining ss of previous round
*3ch, 2dc, skip 1dc, ss into next dc* repeat * to * end making a slip stitch into the base of the first 3ch on the final repeat.   Break off yarn.

Here I use a single colour per row so the handles are quite "neat" in contrast.
Make 2 as follows
With the 4.00mm hook chain 121
Row 1:  sc into second ch from hook and into every ch thereafter
Rows 2 - 5: 1ch, sc into every sc on previous row
Break off yarn

shabby project bag
The join on every row is a bit obvious since we are using odd yarn.      Fold the bag so that the join runs where you would like to position your flowers, as this is the line we are going to use as a placement guide.

Position the handles and sew them in.    I position mine 12 dc in from the sides and 2rows below the edging.

I am going to share with you the first flower my gran taught me to make - a chain loop daisy!    (I remember making hundreds of them after she showed me - that was all I made for days!!)


Two colours are used here

ch 4, ss to join
3ch, 11 dc into ring, ss to join 

Join second colour in sp between any 2 dc.
*12ch, ss into same sp, ss into sp between next 2dc* rep to

You will need 6 to cover the join line. 

Tidy up the ends on the daisies but leave one long tail to sew them onto the bag.   Position them  and pin them into place before you start sewing them down:

shabby crochet bag

I start sewing in from the top to the bottom - less risk of puncturing your hand!

And that is it!!     Ready to use!!


Friday, 31 January 2014

Giant Granny Square Bag

Thursday I spotted a very unusual colour combination, which I could not wait to try.

giant granny square bag

As soon as I got home I started crocheting a Giant Granny Square (well it would end up that way!).   As it grew, so did the idea of a big floppy Giant Granny Square Bag.

I was all but obsessed with these new lovely colours and the idea of the big floppy bag! 
giant granny square bag

I just kept on crocheting - 25 rows and it was a rather large square (oops I had better stop - I want to make a bag not a sack!)

giant granny square bag

As usual there are a hundred versions of the same thing on the internet!     After a bit of research I decided I liked this JAPANESE Version!

I did not really follow the pattern (only sort of) - I am lazy that way!!


Single Strand of DK
Used Jan Eaton's Squared Target pattern as the basis for my square, except I just kept going in DC
Only did 25 rows

Gathered the sides by doing sc into every second dc

giant granny square bag

At this point I had one of those "oh-no-this-is-never-going-to-work" moments - one seriously misshapen piece of fabric.

Started decreasing the top (over a few rows so that it did not pucker too much) - and that was when it actually started looking like a bag,   

There are no less than three bags in my WIP's basket - they are almost finished, even the ends are worked in - but I still have to do the straps (UGH!!   hate that even more than working in ends!).   This bag was about to become number four when I had a brainwave.      

Youngest had thrown out a faux leather handbag I had passed on to her, and which was now looking decidedly worse for wear.   After a bit of "surgery" performed with a craft knife I managed to remove parts of the straps and four buckles

I had to improvise a bit - made four tabs for the buckles in sc and sewed them onto the bag (very untidily *embarrassed*)

giant granny square bag

 Buckled the straps in and secured them with tassles

giant granny square bag

 Added a big flower to cover up the "securings" and VOILA!!

giant granny square bag
Photo taken indoors

and VOILA!!

giant granny square bag
Photo taken outdoors

I love this bag!     I have two odd balls of variegated cotton blend in my stash -  am so making another one!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Popcorn Stitch Squares Bag

The popcorn stitch has been "popping" up all over Pinterest, and I was suddenly inspired to use some really bright colours I had in my stash.

I made one of these GRANNY SQUARE BAGS a while back - you only need 13 squares and the bag works up in no time at all. 

granny bag

I didn't use a pattern - just made it up as I went, adding in a light grey and dark grey for contrast:

granny bag

I am so totally in love with these delightfully puffy flower centres that I have used them on a whole lot of colourful projects - I cannot wait to show you what I have made!

(PS:    The pattern for the Thirteen Squares Granny Bag can be found HERE)

(PPS: Variations of the Squares used:     POPCORN FLOWERS AND LEAVES and SOLID GRANNY SQUARE)

Friday, 1 November 2013

Granny Square Bag

I have been super busy the past few days - gardening, making baby blankets and crochet bags for my WIP's.

We have had so much rain - and there is nothing like rainwater to get everything growing at an amazing rate!

The growth along some of the pathways had to be trimmed.     Jasmine and ivy had to be tamed.  The lavender garden had also grown a bit wild and needed some serious tidying up.  About half of the rose bushes got a light pruning after the first flush faded and there was plenty of deadheading to be done on the gerberas and different varieties of daisies.

My cycads are unbelievable!   One of them has almost forty new leaves - WOW!

LOVE the rain!!

Was a bit stressed out this afternoon - it started to hail,  a few fairly big hailstones - luckily a bit of a storm in a teacup and it passed over before it could do any damage.

I mentioned in my previous POST that I had made a stack of small granny squares.    I made three baby blankets (more about this next time) and still had 14 squares to spare.    I tried them this way and that but they just did not look like they wanted to be a baby blanket.    I spotted a crochet bag made from granny squares on Pinterest (13 squares needed) - oh perfect!   I just knew this was what they were meant to be:

crochet granny bag

The "funny bird" which I appliqued on is something I have been working on for my cards - but the bag was just begging for something fun:

granny crochet bag

The bag is perfect for toting a WIP around:

crochet granny bag

I love it to bits - definitely going to be making a few more of these!

crochet granny bag

Still had a bit of the knotted together scraps left, so I made another "floppy" bag:

Crochet Bag

The bottom is dark grey with a bit of teal, then white, turquoise, a teeny bit of dark purple, lilac and then white.

crochet bag

I made this one quite a bit smaller than the last two FLOPPY BAGS

crochet bag

Embellished it with the last of my scrappy flowers and leaves, once again using small buttons for the flower centres:

crochet bag

All four project bags are filled with my current WIP's - neat and tidy, and ready to go at a moment's notice!

Still awake at this late hour as I was catching up on Series (I like to save them until I have quite a few episodes and then watch them back to back - while blogging, crocheting and munching on crisps) - one of the advantages of having grown up children and no boss to report to in the morning!!

One final cuppa for Mr Owl and myself and we can call it a day!

Good night all!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Crochet Cowl and Bags

I spent about an hour writing this post and then I just ran the backspace / delete key through it!

I don't think you want to be bored by an endless account of what I have been up to for the past two-ish weeks, instead I will just show you some of the things I have made!

Crochet Necklace

The above cowl/ necklace is made up using a long string of "yarnberries" - you can find the pattern on this BLOG

I made up quite a few strings of "yarnberries" - this was the prototype for the assembly.   Still needs a bit of work.    Was thinking of using more, smaller flowers and perhaps felting them first.    Also maybe adding a few pearls or beads here and there to the strands.

We experienced a few days of sweltering heat here in JHB, resulting in me having to put aside all my larger projects.   I made up a stack of small squares which I am busy assembling into very colourful baby blankets (thankfully the past few days have been wonderfully rainy and cool!)

After a few days of epic square making I just could not face making another square (so much so that I could not even crochet up my scraps for the Yarn Indaba Yarn Bomb!).  I knotted all the same-ish colour scraps together and set about crocheting myself some project bags:

crochet bag

crochet bag

crochet bag

crochet bag

I just kept joining each new colour with a double knot - which meant that I had only four ends to work in when I was done - two for the bag and two for the shell border!   I wanted the bags to have a shabby look - love the  "uneven"  double crochet where the knots are.    Added lots and lots of flowers and leaves I had been making up from small leftover bits of yarn, using small buttons for the flower centres.

Midnight has just passed (today has just become yesterday, and tomorrow is now today!!) - off to dreamland for me!!